St. Peter Historic District

    Originally founded in 1853 as Rock Bend after the natural ledge of the river, the town's name was changed to St. Peter after the river running by the town (now the Minnesota River).  St. Peter has developed very steadily without the booms or busts that can threaten historic preservation, as such the city has a great deal of original buildings.  Minnesota and Broadway avenues form the district's eastern and northern borders respectively.  The two avenues were created much wider than the traffic levels at the time dictated because of St. Peter's bid to be the state capital, with plans for the capital building to be placed on the intersection of those two roads.
    Nearly all of the buildings in the historic district were constructed after 1887, when a fire destroyed 30 buildings in the district.  In 1998 a tornado damaged several buildings and destroyed one, but the district maintains its historic feel.
    More information is available from the St. Peter Chamber of Commerce.  Also available is a tour guide of historic houses in St. Peter.

Minnesota Ave. and S. Third St. between Grace St. and Broadway Ave.
St. Peter, MN 56082

Chamber of Commerce:
101 S. Front St., Saint Peter, MN 56082
Phone: 507-934-3400

Hours (Chamber of Commerce):
Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.