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The Society for the Preservation of Minnesota Heritage and O.G. Anderson Building

      The Society for the Preservation of Minnesota Heritage was originally organized in 1981 to preserve the historic O.G. Anderson Building, now more commonly known as "The Big Store," and prevent it's total renovation/demolition. Initially there was very little support from the community and the SPMH was forced to turn to the Minnesota Historical Society for grants to buy the building. After successfully purchasing The Big Store from the city, the society spent years restoring both levels of the building. The society extended an invitation to the local library to move their collection into the building which the library initially refused.
      An influx of new people to the community eventually caused a turn over in the city council and "the Friends of he Library" was formed and they agreed to move into the first floor of the building. Now with joint occupancy, the SPMH remains the owner and continues to block any kind of structural changes to the building. Having accomplished they're goal of preserving the building however, the society has become inoperative and is facing impending disbandment. All donations are directed to the Library on the first floor.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 157, MN 56264
Site Address:
Anderson, O.G., & Co. Store, Jefferson St., Minneota, MN 56264
Phone: Daren Gislason, 507-872-5472


The O.G. Anderson building remains open to the public. The society, however, is inoperative and does not have its own hours.

Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tookmeyer/4557644511/