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Martin Norseth House

Photo of Martin Norseth House
    Martin Norseth was a founding member of Cottonwood, buying the first commercial lot before the town was fully surveyed in 1888.  He managed the Cottonwood Lumber Company in 1889 and remained with the firm until his death in 1911.  In addition to his commercial enterprises, Norseth served on the city council as president and as mayor three times after petitioning Lyon County to incorporate Cottonwood, which was successful in 1891.  The house bearing his name was constructed in 1898 and barring the addition of a modern garage door to the rear barn the house still retains its original exterior.
    The house is now a private residence and Bed and Breakfast called the Robin's Nest at Norseth-Larsen House.

Site Address: 86 E. Main, Cottonwood, MN 56229
Phone: 507-423-6493
Email: norsethlarsen@gmail.com

Image: http://nrhp.mnhs.org/NRDetails.cfm?NPSNum=82002980