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Kiel & Morgan Hotel

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    In 1869 the Minnesota Legislature established Lyon County, which was organized in 1870.  At that time the county had the settlements of Upper and Lower Lynd, with Lower Lynd being the dominant settlement.  In 1871 Allen Morgan and Levi Kiel, two prominent local politicians, built a hotel in Lower Lynd which served as the first permanent county courthouse.  Prior to this, trials were held wherever space was available.  The hotel also housed the village's post office.  When the Winonna and St. Peter Railroad bypassed Lower Lynd, the village slowly died and Marshall was established as the county seat.  In 1888 the present-day town of Lynd was platted, and Lower Lynd was formally abandoned, with the hotel being converted into a farmhouse.  In 1970, when Marshall was building a new courthouse, a pillar from the first courthouse was donated and placed alongside the hotel to commemorate citizen efforts to form the first county government.  In 1990 the building was donated to the City of Lynd.
    The building is closed to the public, however the historic marker and donated pillar are available for public viewing.
County Highway 72 and N. River St., Lynd Township, MN 56157

Image: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Kiel_and_Morgan_Hotel.jpg