Le Center Old Settler's Log Cabin

Log Cabin

(Vintage Photo)

     It features a collection of frontier relics. The townships of the county each donated a log that went into the construction of the log cabin. The settler’s cabin first opened in 1928 after a countywide effort. Inside the cabin are many artifacts that the original Le Sueur County settlers cared for, so much so that they would load it up in their wagon while in search of a new home. Grandfather clocks, family portraits, quilts, and much more are on display for visitors to learn about the history of those brave settlers.


Address: 320 Plut Ave., Le Center, MN 56057


Open daily during the Le Sueur County Fair Days; Third Weekend in August

Photo: http://www.southernminn.com/le_center_leader/news/article_988c8478-b5ad-587e-a5b8-c45f56be0407.html?mode=image&photo=2