Red River Trails

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    The Red River trails started as Native American footpaths, and were expanded upon by Scottish immigrants (former tennant farmers) living in Pembina, Canada looking to sell fur.  At the time, Canada was still a British colony, and as such the Hudson Bay Company had a monopoly on furs trapped in the area, making it illegal to remove furs from Canada without a license.  The traders, however, realized that the American Fur Company in St. Paul was paying 2-4 times more than the Hudson Bay Company, so the farmers made unique carts with high wheels able to be flipped over so the cart could float.  In 1843 regular cart service was established between Pembina and St. Paul.  The Red River trail ran on the west side of the Minnesota River, and on the East side, the trail ran from Fort Garry to Mendota.
    Remnants of the trail can be seen in the prairie sod near Ten Mile Creek in Lac Qui Parle Village.