King Oscar's Settlement

East Union Church and cemetery

    King Oscar's Settlement, now East Union, was first settled in 1853 by Swedish immigrants.  In 1856 the first log church was built, and two years later the congregation was formally established as the town grew to over 400 families from Sweden and Norway.  In 1858 the settlement's name was changed to Union Settlement, later becoming East and West Union.  In 1863 St. Ansgar's Academy was established in East Union by Eric Norelius, a Lutheran clergyman who moved his school to train teachers from Red Wing to East Union, incorporating the old log church from 1856.  In 1866 a brick church was constructed and still serves as the East Union Lutheran Church.  In 1875 St. Ansgar's Academy was moved again to St. Peter where it was renamed Gustavus Adolphus College, which has since become a notable private liberal arts college.
    Across the street from the church, cemetery, and parsonage there is the original Parish Hall and Reverend Andrew Jackson's house, who served as superintendent of the Academy for 11 of its 12 years in East Union.

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