Grimm Farm Historic Site

Grimm Farm historic site at Carver Park Reserve

    Located within the boundaries of the Carter Park Reserve, the Grimm farm is credited as the birthplace of Grimm alfalfa, the source of all modern varieties of the crop.  In 1859 Wendelin and Julianna Grimm built the farm and tended it using farm methods brought from Germany, namely seed saving.  Grimm started with a box of seeds named "everlasting clover" or alfalfa.  Through the process of selective breeding he created the first alfalfa capable of withstanding North American winters.  After harsh winters killed off the common alfalfa, Grimm's crop attracted the attention of the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station and the US Secretary of Agriculture who officially named it "Grimm alfalfa" and continued the breeding process Grimm had started.  To date, alfalfa is produced over 25,000,000 acres and the industry is valued at $10 billion annually.
    The farm fell into disuse in the 1900s until its purchase by the Hennepin County Park Reserve District (now Three Rivers Park District) in 1962.  A full restoration project began in 1998 and was completed in 2001.

Site Address: 7025 Victoria Drive, Victoria, MN 55386
Phone: 763-694-7650


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