Hermann Monument

    The Hermann Monument depicts the Gheruscan chieftain Hermann (Arminius) who successfully negotiated alliances with neighboring tribes in 9 CE and removing the Romans from Germania after eight years of fighting.  The monument itself was erected as part of an effort for the German settlers to retain their heritage, language and culture.  Sculptor Alphonso Pelzer designed the 32 foot tall copper covered statue and it was constructed by W.H. Mullins Manufacturing Company in Salem, Ohio.  When the statue was shipped to New Ulm in pieces in July 1889 the city was suffering financial problems with the construction of a base, causing the statue to sit in a shed until its dedication on September 25, 1897.  The statue is mounted on a 27 foot tall Kasota stone cupola, propped up on ten 25 foot tall pillars designed by architect Julius Berndt, Sr.  In 2001 four cast iron lions on pedestals were added to the base of the monument to mark the 104th anniversary of the monument's dedication.  The lions were part of Berndt's original plans, but were cut from the project due to cost.

10 Monument St., New Ulm, MN 56073