St. Pauli Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church

    The St. Pauli Lutheran Church in Almond Township started on May 5, 1878 in a local house.  The name, St. Pauli is the Norwegian equivalent of Paul.  In the late 19th century, conflicts between different sects of Norwegian Lutheranism played out in Almond Township, where the church divided in two.  St. Pauli affiliated itself with the Norwegian Synod and the other congregation, Trinity, affiliated with the United Lutheran Church.  After the split, both congregations built church buildings in 1896, with St. Pauli receiving an addition in 1911 in order to provide more room for the Parochial school.  While the two congregations belonged to different synods, practicality caused the churches to cooperate a great deal, with pastors being shared between the two from 1920 to 1944.  In May 1957 the two churches formally reunited after both congregations voted that spring.

33022 U.S. 75, Almond Township, MN 56225