Historic Clinton Depot

    The Clinton Depot was a railway station along the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad (typically referred to as simply Milwaukee Road).  The Depot was built by the Fargo and Southern Railroad Company in 1883, and was sold to Milwaukee Road in 1885.  Until daily service was discontinued in the 1930s the line served as the major method of transportation for residents of Clinton.  It also housed Western Union Telegraph, another essential service for the town.  The depot remained operational until 1968, when the railroad company discontinued passenger train service entirely between Chicago and Tacoma Washington.  In 1980 the line was bankrupt entirely and torn up.
    Today the Depot houses the Clinton Museum, which contains artifacts from the history of both the town of Clinton and the railroad.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 56, Clinton, MN 56225
Site Address: 327 W. Second St., the intersection of Center Street and Main Street, Clinton, MN 56225
Phone: Aaryn Arndt, 320-305-1042

Entrance only allowed during special events (i.e Big Stone County Fair)
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