Big Stone Lake State Park

    In 1923 an assessment was done of the state park system and State Auditor Ray Chase noted a geographic imbalance, with little representation in the southern part of the state.  Following this critique, the Ortonville area was scouted for potential park locations. Finally, in 1961, the park was founded on the Minnesota side of Big Stone Lake north of Ortonville.  One of the driving forces behind the park's current location was Ortonville business community, who urged the state to place the park there in order to control lakefront development.
    The park today contains the Bonanza Scientific and Natural Area, which is designed to preserve a part of the state's natural history from before farming.  In addition, there are significant granite and gneiss quarries, some of which contain fossilized shark teeth from a time when Minnesota was underwater.

Site Address: 35889 Meadowbrook State Park Road, Ortonville, MN 56278
Phone: 320-839-3663
Fax: 320-839-3676

Best time to contact park: Memorial Day - Labor Day: Friday afternoons, Saturdays, and Sundays

All other times contact Lac Qui Parle State Park

For camping information, a full list of activities, and upcoming events visit the Big Stone Lake State Park Website (DNR)