Preparing Educators for Rural Kansas

a Total Quality Partnership grant

The goal of the PERK program is to provide a framework to support and embrace secondary and middle school
content knowledge through literacy strategies.

The PERK logo represents the partnership
    between  MNU, SWPRSC and the 6 rural Kansas school districts, listed in the wheat stalks.

USD 476 Copeland/USD 371 Montezuma
USD 216 Deerfield
USD 215 Lakin

USD 217 Rolla
USD 452 Stanton County
USD 374 Sublette

The CASL image represents the conceptual framework of the grant's four primary initiatives: content, assessment, strategies, and literacy.

- Teacher Leaders as mentors and coaches is the foundation
- Literacy skills are related to any and ALL content areas
- Technology integration enhances strategies to improve 
racy  skills