Who are WE? 

We are the Trustees of the Midland Neuroscience Teaching and Research Fund, a charity founded in 1971 with the purpose of supporting research and teaching into disorders of the brain and the nervous system. We have been based at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham since 1997.  

For over 38 years we have generated income from our fund and used it to support research into a variety of unsolved problems associated with diseases of the nervous system. We have done this principally by funding the purchase of various items of equipment, such as apparatus which is generally unavailable in NHS departments as well as consumables for experimental work. 

It is our firm belief that research is of little use unless it is followed by the dissemination of any knowledge gained.  This creates the second of our main roles.  We therefore look to ensure that the findings of the research that we support are published in suitable medical or scientific journals. From time to time we sponsor guest lecturers who speak at meetings of the Midland Neurological Association and similar prestigious occasions.

By our various activities we aim to play our part in maintaining neurosciences in the West Midlands as a benchmark of excellence, principally in the areas of teaching and research concerned with a wide range of diseases affecting the nervous system. 

Who are YOU? 

You are the medical staff and researchers based at hospitals within the West Midlands.  You are individuals who are also actively involved in the care of patients and who are therefore well aware of the practical needs of the sufferers who may have a wide variety of neurological conditions. You are best placed to decide upon the priorities as regards educational and research programmes. 

We invite staff in the various departments of the neurological sciences in hospitals within the West Midlands to put proposals before us for funding of projects associated with their own specific aspects of research.  Each proposal is then assessed by our medical advisers, who are hospital consultants and fellow trustees.  If we consider the proposed research to have adequate merit and ethical approval, we sanction the purchase of the necessary equipment or consumables and then monitor its or their use. 

Who are THEY? 

They represent the whole population. They all have the potential to benefit at some stage, directly or indirectly, from your research into the prevention and treatment of a wide range of neurological conditions such as strokes, head injury, dementia, brain tumours, spinal tumours, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, other movement disorders, motor neurone disease and a variety of disorders producing chronic pain, such as neuralgia and migraine.   

Examples of projects that we have funded recently, in whole or in part, are here


How can you obtain help from us? 

If you have a research project that could benefit from funding from us, please download an information form. Applications by email are preferred.