This site aims to provide up to date information on the list of wild birds which have been recorded in Malaysia. It summarizes the work of the MNS-BCC Records Committee and publishes its decisions on records submitted to it.

The Records Committee comprises up to ten voting members (including the Chairperson) and a non-voting Secretary. The current members of the Committee are: Dave Bakewell (Chair), James Eaton, Allen Jeyarajasingam, Rafi Kudus, Lim Aun Tiah, Dr David Wells, Yeo Siew Teck, Wong Tsu Shi and Clive Mann.

Because Malaysia is divided between two landmasses (Peninsular Malaysia on the Thai-Malay Peninsula, and Bornean Malaysia on the island of Borneo), in addition to the national list, the Committee maintains separate bird lists for both Peninsular and Bornean Malaysia.