This site aims to provide up to date information on the list of wild birds which have been recorded in Malaysia. It summarizes the work of the MNS-BCC Records Committee and publishes its decisions on records submitted to it.

The Records Committee comprises up to ten voting members (including the Chairperson) and a non-voting Secretary. The current members of the Committee are: 
Rafi Kudus (Chair), Dave Bakewell, Chin Choong Liung, James Eaton, Allen Jeyarajasingam, , Lim Aun Tiah, Dr David Wells, Yeo Siew Teck, Wong Tsu Shi and Clive Mann.

Because Malaysia is divided between two landmasses (Peninsular Malaysia on the Thai-Malay Peninsula, and Bornean Malaysia on the island of Borneo), in addition to the national list, the Committee maintains separate bird lists for both Peninsular and Bornean Malaysia.