Minnesota Valley Naturopathic Clinic

Dr. Leslie Vilensky, ND is a clinically trained expert in natural and holistic medicine.   She listens to your needs, integrating the best of complementary, alternative, and conventional therapies, in order to provide you the highest quality, compassionate care with a focus on prevention and whole-person wellness.

Dr. Vilensky helps those with Lyme and other chronic fatigue issues to get their energy back through natural means. By supporting your body's inherent ability to heal and by counterbalancing the often-negative effects of conventional approaches, she can help you regain a new level of well-being, supporting you on your journey toward vibrant health.  Other areas of expertise include gastrointestinal health issues like inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome, women's health including PMS and other menstrual irregularities, and adjunctive cancer support.

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In addition to her private practice in New Prague, Dr. Vilensky sees patients at Be Well Natural Medicine in St. Paul.   


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