Check out photos from the 2014 event!

The 2nd Annual Minnesota Undergraduate Linguistics Symposium was hosted by the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities on April 5, 2014!

The Minnesota Undergraduate Linguistics Symposium is dedicated to promoting the study of linguistics by undergraduates in Minnesota and surrounding states by sharing exemplary undergraduate research and fostering a dialogue between students of linguistics and other language-related topics across various institutions.

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*The deadline for abstract submissions was March 14 at 11:55 pm.

If you are interested in learning more about the symposium, please email us at mnlinguisticssymposium@gmail.com.

Keynote Address: Dr. Louis Janus & Dylan Skerbitz

Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Louis Janus holds the Ph.D. degree in Germanic Philology from the University of Minnesota and is the coordinator of the Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTL) Project. He manages the mailing lists the LCTL project sponsors, oversees the database listing where LCTLs are taught in North American schools from elementary to universities and distance education settings, and promotes good teaching and learning opportunities for LCTLs. He also develops material for the Virtual Picture Album. Janus co-taught the CARLA summer institute on LCTL material development, and contributed a chapter to the CARLA-sponsored book on the subject. In addition to his work at CARLA, Janus has been an active teacher of Norwegian and Scandinavian linguistics, having taught at both St. Olaf College and the University of Minnesota. He developed and taught a graduate course in Reading the Scandinavian Languages. This course was taught in Summer 2003 as an online course. He is the past-President of NORTANA -- the Norwegian Researchers and Teachers Association of North America and was the Norwegian Teachers Newsletter founder and editor for many years. He also currently serves as editor of the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study's "News & Notes." Janus has authored a grammar book, tapes, software for learning Norwegian, and was co-author of the lesson-a-day NorWord mailing list. In Spring 2000, Janus was the program leader at the Oslo Year Program at the University of Oslo. He is now writing a learners' dictionary for English speakers learning Norwegian.

Dylan Skerbitz graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2013 with a major in Linguistics.  Since then, he has worked at the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition, starting as a temporary worker before assuming his current position as the Database Specialist in charge of the Less Commonly Taught Languages database.  Dylan is passionate about field linguistics, as well as bridging the gap between theoretical and applied linguistics.  His other interests include poetry and esports.

Forum: Marketing Your Linguistics Degree

Now that you have a Linguistics degree, how do you define and market the skills you've gained to employers and programs in other fields who are unfamiliar with linguistics? We've assembled recent graduates and people from different backgrounds to talk about the paths a linguist can take, the applicability of linguistics skills to other fields, and things undergraduates should be doing to prepare themselves for those paths.


9:00 - 9:50: Check-in & Complimentary breakfast
10:00 - 10:50: Opening remarks & Keynote address
  • Dr. Louis Janus & Dylan Skerbitz, Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition, University of Minnesota
11:00 - 11:30: Individual talks, session 1
  • Carter Griffith, Post-Verbal CPs in Azeri: A look at the syntactic environment
  • Matthew Eikamp, The Loss of the Case System in English
  • Paul Mains, Deconstructing #selfie: syntax and semantics in representational noun phrases
  • Emily Manahan, An Analysis of Locative Inversion and Unaccusativity
11:30 - 12:45: Lunch (on your own)
12:45 - 1:30: Poster session
1:40 - 2:10: Individual talks, session 2
  • Colin Davis, Aspect and the auxiliary in North Azeri
  • Thuy Bui, The Marker Co in Yes-No Questions in Vietnamese
  • Matt Zekowski, Arguing for Argument Ellipsis in Malayalam
2:20 - 2:50: Individual talks, session 3
  • Christopher Hammerly, Mapping gender assignment in French: Nominal categories and features
  • Lauren McLoughlin, Viewing Negation Comprehensively: Standard and Non-Standard Negation Strategies in Iquito
  • Tamarae Hildebrandt, Do you understand -ml?  The Question-Particle in Turkish yes/no questions
3:00 - 3:45: Forum: Marketing Your Linguistics Degree
3:45 - 4:00: Closing remarks


If you have any questions, please see our FAQ or contact us at mnlinguisticssymposium@gmail.com.

In 2013, the first symposium was hosted by St. Olaf College on Saturday, April 13th. Check out photos from the 2013 event!

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Minnesota Undergraduate Linguistics Symposium,
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