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The Minnesota Library Futures Initiative is designed to be a focused conversation that addresses how libraries can meet the changes occurring in Minnesota now and in the future. The key question at this point is “How do the current and projected political, economic and social environments affect the delivery of library service in Minnesota?” To engage the library community in the conversation, a Futures Group of 24 participants was selected through an open application process.

This Futures Group is asked to “Envision the Library in 2025” and to describe expectations for library service and ways to meet these expectations. It is an exciting and challenging time of transformation for Minnesota libraries. The current economic conditions and the exploding array of technological advances guarantee that libraries of tomorrow will not look like those of today. Current systems of service delivery must evolve to accommodate new demands, new users, and new needs. 

The Steering Committee appointed 24 people, ages 25 – 35 (born in the years 1975 – 1985), to the Minnesota Library Futures Group to define the issues, engage in research and discussion and report on their findings. The initial meeting occured mid-October 2010 and it is expected that the work will be accomplished by fall of 2012 through a series of interactive facilitated sessions with the Minnesota Library Community.