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We are affiliated with the Minnesota Academic Excellence Foundation and the School Chess Association and have been in operation since 1973. Our goal is to promote scholastic chess in the state amongst junior high and middle school students. Chess is a fun way for young people to get the problem-solving experiences they need to satisfy their rapidly growing brains. The league provides organized competitions which foster improvement.

Our season begins in January. We play one day a week in the afternoons (teams of five) for about seven weeks. The division that meets in MPLS/ST PAUL may instead play on a few assorted Saturdays. The season continues through early March. The state and the Nationals occur in April. Teams are divided into divisions based upon their locations. Players can be in any grade up through ninth.

Both individual and team awards are given out at season’s end. The top teams in each division compete for the title in the playoffs in March. Entry fee is $46 per team. Checks are made to Minnesota Junior High Chess League and fees are due by February 1st. If you are interested or have questions, contact league director Brain Ribnick before registration is closed on Saturday, December 22nd, 2018. Thank you and we hope to see your school participate in the league this year. To register, just email me with the name of the school, the name of the coach, the home and work phone and email address of the coach. Also, let me know how many teams you wish to enter (3 max). Make checks payable to MN JR HI Chess League. Please do not enter a team unless you are sure you will commit. Dues are required if you enter, even if you end up withdrawing before the first match.

Metcalf Junior High
2250 Diffley Road, Burnsville MN 55337 952-707-2523

MN Junior High Chess League 2018 FINAL Standings
Place, Team, Match Record, Game Record
1. Metcalf A, 7-0, 31.5-3.5
2. Highview, 6-1, 27-8
3. Metcalf B, 5-2, 23-12
4. Metcalf C, 3.5-3.5, 18-17
5. Friendly Hills, 3.5-3.5, 15-20
6. Sanford, 2-5, 11-24
7. Faithful Shepherd A, 1-6, 12-23
8. Faithful Shepherd B, 0-7, 2.5-32.5

Outstanding Player Award Winners: Harry Breheim (60 pts from Highview), Nathanial Weber (60 pts from Highview), Colin Marsh (70 pts from Highview), Zachary Friedmann (55 pts from Metcalf B), Calvin York (70 pts from Metcalf A), Gavin Kellen (70 pts from Metcalf A), Will Moe (60 pts from Metcalf A).

PLEASE NOTE: The annual MN Middle School Chess League awards ceremony will occur early Sunday evening March 25th at the conclusion of play of the MN STATE Middle School Chess Championship at St. Catherines in St. Paul. Teams receiving trophies are Metcalf A, Highview and Friendly Hills as we only award one trophy per team.

We will try to start matches at approximately 3:30 PM. It may take some teams a bit longer to arrive. These matches should then tend to end no later than about 5:45 PM.
Comments: You are encouraged bring extra players for some scrimmage games with other teams. Alex Adams is bringing a couple teams from Minneapolis for scrimmages for just this reason! Coaches are expected to supervise their players. If you cannot make it or you do not have a full team, it is expected that you will contact the other coach in advance. Please remember to bring sets, clocks, notation paper and pencils for your players to each match. This year, based on discussion and votes last season, we will play two matches a day with a time control of 30 minutes + 5 second delay

February 23-25 - Minnesota Open ( - REGISTER
March 10 - SCA Burnsville Open and Middle School Championship, Metcalf  ( - REGISTER
March 24-25 - Minnesota Scholastic Championship ( - REGISTER
April 6-8 - 2018 National Junior High (K-9) Chess Championship - Atlanta, GA  ( - REGISTER
April 14-15 - SCA Statewide Championship, Breck School ( - REGISTER
April 28 - SCA April Open and Tournament of Champions, Zachary Lane, Plymouth ( - REGISTER
May 11-13 - 2018 National Elementary (K-6) Championship  ( - REGISTER
May 18-20 - Ice Harbor Scholastic, Dubuque, IA - REGISTER
July 28-Aug 5, July 31-Aug 5, or August 2-5 - 119th Annual U. S. Open Chess Championship, Middleton, WI ( -
November 9-11 - 2018 U.S. Class Championship ( - Plymouth, MN

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Contact the League Director, Brian Ribnick with any questions
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