MnemoTime is a text file based personal information manager. It helps to control time and money very quickly. It uses different approach than traditional PIM software: MnemoTime  stores all appointments, to-do items and other info in a text file. You can open this file in any text editor on any device. The location of the text file is customizable which makes it possible to use Dropbox or a similar service to sync the file to all your devices and computers. Multi-platform desktop version of MnemoTime is coming soon.

MnemoTime helps you to create to-do tasks as fast as possible and get them out of your head quickly. It feels like using regular paper notebook in order to write down tasks to do. You do not need to fill up some forms and click buttons. You will be able to type out new tasks almost instantly using MnemoTime script. Moreover, repeating tasks will be created automatically everyday based on your own custom event types.

Although there is a steep learning curve for MnemoTime's syntax, it provides a quick and flexible way to handle a large number of appointments and tasks.

Time.txt file structure

All information about tasks and their types is located in a simple text file. Therefore, you can access this file from external text editors or easily make a back up. The file is located by default in sdcard\mnemotime\time.txt It has the following structure:

    //event counters
    //list of planned events in future
    //list of current events
    //list of past events
    //event types definition

Event types:
You can give your task or type a particular feature by including one or several signs at the start of the title:

            Event features:
                ! important
                * birthday
                - todo
                ^ alarm

        l   ^lunch\12:30

This type will create a lunch event everyday at 12:30 with alarm message box.

Desktop version

Multi-platform desktop version of MnemoTime is coming soon.

Synchronization with desktop or other devices

Use menu > options and specify the custom location of the time.txt file. e.g.:


In DropBox or a similar service you add the folder for synchronization and you are done. Mnemotime constantly monitors time.txt file and reload it in case it's changed


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