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Welcome to my little corner of the multiverse.  I am Mama Gina - that song writin', spell castin', card slingin', paralegalin', vocalizin', polymer clay squishin' and swirlin', campin' in the woods woman, otherwise known as the Wild Child's Mom.
I teach Tarot, Kaballah and Magick in the Tampa Bay area and at workshops in Florida and around the country.  If you are just curious or quite serious, at any level on your journey, I invite you to join us.  You will find abundant hand-outs, and I assure you that the classes are not dogmatic or stodgy.  I promise a great time, a whole lot of laughs, and a wealth of information that you are not likely to find in many books ... well, except for mine!
Mama Gina's CD "Goddess Kiss'd" is complete and ready for you to listen and purchase.  Hear the music NOW!
About that polymer clay thing - just click here and see what's shaping up!

When Mama Gina isn't in the classroom or writing, she's probably camping with her family at a great local, regional or national event.  Find out more by clicking the links below, and if you are planning on attending, please e-mail me at so that we can meet at the event and sit for a spell.

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Tarot Spreads, Threads and Mandalas by Gina Estevez 
is now available at's Kindle store.  Get your copy here.
Read a bit of Chapter One, read reviews and Listen to Leisa Refalo's Tarot Connections podcast interview with Gina about the book and teaching Tarot.
6" x 9"
208 pages; perfect bound
ISBN-13:  978--0-9793669-0-1
ISBN-10:  0-9793669-0-9
Cover Art by Lou LaMonte, Jr.

 Is your study group, circle or coven interested in a day or weekend seminar?  Host Mama Gina at your next festival or special event.  I will craft a class or workshop to meet YOUR needs.  Please contact me at for details and availability.

Mama Gina and The Sunglasses on the Tree of Life


Mama Gina's Tarot - Air 1-10 - The Idea