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Why release time for some games sometimes are much longer?

posted Apr 17, 2016, 5:31 PM by mohsen neko   [ updated Apr 20, 2016, 6:19 PM ]


some time one game of one of the greatest companies, released too late(even after date that specified release date for it).
one of the games that usually need a very long time for creating process, is final fantasy by great company Square Enix.
of course when we talking about creating process for one game such as final fantasy. you must know it, that game creating process for final fantasy is very complex and it have a long story and for now we can't talk about it.
before anything i must tell it, final fantasy not only role-playing game such as other role-playing games.
and final fantasy have something like a special genre.

Reasons of released too late(in compare of other games):

for example any version of final fantasy maybe released too late to this reasons:

  1. first is very very important reason.
    they very care to opinion player's (mean you are(end user)) of the game.
    and they know that at last, if result of their works don't be enough worthy for values of name of final fantasy , that never able to become monumental game.
    and for this reason, they are so careful and usually final fantasy have lowest bug in gameplay, level design,3D models, textures, sounds, motion, and all of thing you can see in game.

  2. final fantasy usually have gameplay closely related to story line, for now you think, about when if in middle of project story require to changed.
    clearly it's possible, gameplay need to be changed.
    and even maybe, other part of story need to be changed.

  3. in final fantasy each character have very good personal characteristics with nice and fantasy style and matched to story of character.
    they need to very hard work on battle style, motions, dialog type, and ... to create each fantastic(very fantasy) character of final fantasy.

  4. environment of final fantasy need to be very fantastic, nice, really fantasy, little strange with highest detail(possible for target devices) also with up to date graphic and all of them will be much hard to do.

  5. most player of final fantasy usually hope to see many fantasy vehicle(such as chocobo), with a world fantasy and open world system, many additional fantasy mini games and etc.
    design of all of them and match them with story line and game play is very very hard and takes long time.

And public reasons, for any game:

  1. sometimes creator team(developer) of game, get started one plan of new genre game or had plan to modified gameplay of exist genre but in middle of project they understand gameplay not useful in game and it's different of something was in them mind.
    (for example square enix usually test gameplay of main game(such as main final fantasy version) on other game instead of main game and if gameplay to be really good and useful, it will be used in main game).

  2. sometimes in middle of project, releases any new console of game(such as PS4,Xbox One) ,then maybe they will be create target game on new console instead of old console or create it on both console.

  3. sometimes in middle of project, releases some special title games, that maybe effective on sell them game.


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