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posted Feb 14, 2020, 4:12 PM by Zhe Kong   [ updated Feb 14, 2020, 4:32 PM ]



1. 有发热,咳嗽等可疑症状的学生及家长,请在家休养、并告知任课老师汇总到学校。为了孩子和其他人的健康,请在症状于无药物作用下消失24小时后,再来上课。

2. 如有同学和家长 (包括祖父母) 近一个月内往返过中国境内,或近期接触过从中国国内来美的亲友的,请自行隔离观察两周(14天)。此期间务必不要来学校上课和参加活动。

3. 建议无关人员 (包括家长) 不要来学校或在学校长时间无故逗留。请家长不要在校内聚集逗留。

4. 养成良好卫生习惯,防范病毒传播。家长务必叮嘱孩子勤洗手,多喝水。咳嗽和打喷嚏时使用纸巾或屈肘遮掩口鼻。学校准备了干性洗手液,请家长老师同学使用。

5.根据美国 CDC 和 WHO 等组织的针对本次疫情的指导,没有患病症状的人员请不要戴口罩。 

这次疫情还未结束,对这次病毒认识还在加深。在信息公开透明的环境里,在密西根还未发现病例的情况下,我们应该小心但不用恐慌。Take sensible precautions. Help one another. Stay calm and carry on our lives. 


All teachers, students and parents,

This new coronavirus epidemic affects each of us and affects our lives more or less. The epidemic in China has not subsided for the time being, but the initial panic and disorder have slowly passed. There have been no confirmed cases in Michigan, and several suspects have been ruled out. The first batch of nearly 200 people withdrawn from the United States from China. After 14 days of quarantine and observation, no infected persons were found. At present, many civil aviation flights between China and the United States have ceased, and personnel exchanges have been temporarily suspended. Based on these circumstances, the school decided to resume normal classes as planned on Sunday, February 16.

According to the CDC meeting on February 12, they determined that the virus had an incubation period of 14 days. It should be 18 days from the school's notification on January 29 until the day after tomorrow. As long as everyone respects law and discipline, it is estimated that there will be no greater risk.

In addition to the new crown virus, winter is also a period of frequent occurrence of other epidemics, such as influenza. Schools require teachers, classmates, and parents to observe the following:

1. Students and parents who have suspicious symptoms such as fever and cough, please take a rest at home and tell the class teacher to collect them at school. For the health of children and others, please come to class after the symptoms disappear for 24 hours without medication.

2. If classmates and parents (including grandparents) have traveled to or from China within the past month, or have recently come into contact with relatives and friends who come to the United States from China, please observe for two weeks (14 days). Do not come to school for classes or activities during this period.

3. It is recommended that unrelated persons (including parents) do not come to school or stay there for long periods without reason. Parents are advised not to gather in school.

4. Develop good hygiene habits to prevent the spread of the virus. Parents must tell their children to wash their hands frequently and drink plenty of water. Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or elbow flexion when coughing and sneezing. The school has prepared a dry hand sanitizer for parents, teachers and students to use.

5. According to the guidance of the United States CDC and WHO on this epidemic, those who do not have symptoms of the disease should not wear masks.

The epidemic is not over yet, and awareness of the virus is still deepening. In an open and transparent environment, we should be careful but not to panic when no cases have been found in Michigan. Take sensible precautions. Help one another. Stay calm and carry on our lives. Please work together to create a safe, healthy and optimistic learning and living environment for children. 

School Administration of Michigan New Century Chinese School
February 13, 2020