Midwest Rankings

These are the rankings for the Midwest Region of the United States, states included in this section are: Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Michigan, Indiana, Nebraska, and Ohio. As with the USA Rankings, if you are inactive (to my knowledge) for 1 year, you will be taken off the rankings. Of course some of my opinion was put into the rankings when I first made them, however, it goes by fact; if I think someone looks impressive and should be moved up the rankings, but he hasn't beaten the guys above him yet, I will wait until he proves he can beat the higher ranked puller. Each person is only ranked in 1 weight class. Any questions of comments, please leave a comment or email me at: joshthejedimaster@yahoo.com

Rankings are always changing... everytime someone in the rankings gets beat they change (of course circumstances come into play, if the higher ranked individual just had a war and then lost to a guy who got the bye. Or if the ranked individual is pulling multiple classes, it's all taken into consideration). If someone beats a pulled ranked higher than them, but the higher ranked puller just had a war while the lower ranked individual had an easy win - the lower ranked individual may not move above that puller, but may move close to, or right underneath, the puller they beat. For example, unranked puller flashed someone, pulled ranked 6 had a long match, unranked puller beats puller ranked 6 - might not be put above them but might move as high as 7th place. Directly below the puller they beat.

Right Arm 0-154 lbs.
1. Brad Spine
2. Mike Hitt
3. Derrick Bills
4. Drew Dominique
5. Matt Bourdon
6. Brad Paddock
7. Anton Bugrimov
8. Joey Skelton
9. Joey Hammond
10. Scott Castle

Left Arm 0-154 lbs.
1. Brad Spine
2. Matt Bourdon
3. Brad Paddock
4. Jor-el Koenig
5. Derrick Bills
6. Mike Hitt
7. James Runyon
8. Storm Stapleton
9. Brandon Sellers
10. Billy Franklin

Right Arm 155-176 lbs.
1. Paul Talbott
2. Tony Kitowski
3. Roman Gromov
4. Cobra Rhodes
5. Robertas Prozivlaskis
6. Corey Lyon
7. Luke Pulscher
8. Mark Davies
9. Dan Blanchard
10. Jesse Stull

Left Arm 155-176 lbs.
1. Paul Talbott
2. Robertas Prozivlaskis
3. Tony Kitowski
4. Roman Gromov
5. Yosef Chalbi
6. Mark Davies
7. Josh Handeland
8. Joseph Drellack
9. James Conner "Ginger" 
10. Corey Lyon

Right Arm 177-198 lbs.
1. Todd Hutchings
2. Joel Hudik
3. Mike West
4. Quinlan Mendez
5. Bill Logsdon
6. Doug Allen
7. Dariusz Zentak
8. Ryan Johnston
9. Mike Dawson
10. Tanner Seaton

Left Arm 177-198 lbs.

1. Todd Hutchings
2. Steve "Razor" Rau
3. Bill Logsdon
4. Quinlan Mendez
5. Doug Allen
6. Joel Hudik
7. Kevin Kimple
8. Mike Dawson
9. Brett Johnson
10. Jason Remer

Right Arm 199-2
42 lbs.
1. Steven Green
2. Sonny Larson
3. Scott Ballinger
4. Ryan Clark
5. Chase Stratton
6. Rod Mobley
7. Harold Owens
8. Jeremy Boyd
9. Jared Cook
10. Nick Brown

eft Arm 199-242 lbs.
1. Scott Ballinger
2. Jeremy Boyd
3. Chris Gellings
4. Roger Cunningham
5. Sonny Larson
6. Chase Stratton
7. Ryan Clark
8. Harold Owens
9. Trevor Sly
10. Fred Dedrick

Right Arm 243+ lbs.
1. Nick Zinna
2. Robert Bishop
3. Tim Feliciano
4. Chad Nofziger
5. Blaine Middleton
6. Richard Lupkes
7. John Creekmore
8. Dave Cox
9. Tj Slayton
10. Michael Crawford Jr.

Left Arm 243+ lbs.
1. John Creekmore
2. Eric Gerlach
3. Robert Bishop
4. Jeff Dabe
5. Kent Damore
6. Chad Weston
7. Mark Nutsch
8. Jon Vogt
9. Mark Cichy
10. Justin Schaffner

Overall Right Arm:
1. Nick Zinna
2. Todd Hutchings
3. Steven Green
4. Robert Bishop
5. Tim Feliciano
6. Sonny Larson
7. Scott Ballinger
8. Chad Nofziger
Blaine Middleton
10. Richard Lupkes

Overall Left Arm:
1. John Creekmore
2. Eric Gerlach
3. Robert Bishop
4. Jeff Dabe
5. Scott Ballinger
6. Kent Damore
7. Jeremy Boyd
8. Paul Talbott
9. Todd Hutchings
10. Quinlan Mendez