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Lawn Care

Our workshop on lawn care had David Williams with the University of Kentucky turf care program, Kim Cowherd, extension agent for horticulture for Franklin County and Will Mahoney who gave a talk on natural pest control products.
Kim Cowherd's presentation:  Lawn Care for the Homeowner.
William Mahoney's presentation: Natural Pest Control and Lawn Maintenance.
How lawns are managed can contribute to problems in Town Branch.  Following lawn care related guidelines developed by the University of Kentucky Extension Service can reduce this contribution.
The first principal is feeding the lawn.  How do you know how much fertilizer to apply and when to apply it?  Testing the soil will provide information that guides you as you answer the question how much.  Then, the time to fertilize is also important.  Fall is the recommended time to add soil amendments (lime and fertilizer) for plant health. If the soil needs lime to adjust pH, that should be done to help with the soil chmistry as part of the program.
Homeowners that want to test their soil should collect a sample and deliver it to the:   
Fayette County Extension Office
1140 Red Mile Place, Lexington, KY 40504-1172 (859) 257-5582
The current cost for the analysis is $ 6.00.
The publications about lawn care from the university of Kentucky Extension Service are:

here are some resources to explore: from Bluegrass Pride This site,  checking on the menu tabs at the top of the page and side of the page, will give you additional info from the EPA USDA publication This is from Ohio State on switching from traditional to natural lawn care Minnesota’s UK’s