Project Grad In A Nutshell

Project Grad 2017 is over!

We send a HUGE THANKS to our MANY 
Donors, Sponsors and Volunteers.

Project Grad 2018 coming soon!

Who is invited to Project Grad?

ALL graduating members of the MMU Class of 2017.  

What is it?

Project Grad is a non-alcoholic, substance-free all-night event funded completely through the efforts of the senior class parents.  It is a fantastic celebration to bring the graduating class together for one last memorable hurrah!   

Where is it held?

It's a traveling party!  

    - Begin at MMU 

    - MetroRock

    - Essex Speedway & Action Center 

    - Sparetime 

    - Bolton Valley Sports Center

    - Return to MMU for the Comedy Hypnotist Show at the end of the night, (or morning?)  Parents are welcome to watch!   

When is it?

Graduation Night!   

Saturday, June 17th - Sunday, June 18th.  

Sign in begins at 6:45 pm at MMU so you'll have plenty of time after graduation to celebrate with family and friends.  

Pickup after the Hypnosis Show at MMU is at 6:30 am

What do I need to do?

The success of this massive event is dependent on lots of parent and community support and every effort is being made to keep this simple and FUN for all of us and we need your help RIGHT NOW.   

- We are asking for donations and lots of help running various fundraisers.  

- We need folks to participate in the fundraisers... play in our Bolton Golf Club tournament, eat a delicious dinner, bid on auction items!

- We need the senior students to register and turn in their permission slips WITH parental signatures and tell us their T-Shirt size

- We need many volunteers to be chaperones and food prep helpers and so much more.   

Please check the fundraiser pages for more details.  

Project Graduation History

The concept for Project Graduation originated in Maine in response to the deaths of 18 teenagers in alcohol-related highway crashes. Seven of the teens were from one community. Parents in the community were devastated and determined not to let this happen again. In an effort to prevent the incapacitating injuries and deaths that were often the result of teens driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, the parents organized "Project Graduation". From that school the idea spread. By 1985, 95% of the high schools in Maine were hosting successful chemical-free parties.  Project Graduation is now a national program. 

MMU has been holding Project Grad for over 25 years!