MM Tracker Support Page

Here you can find much information about MM Tracker for Android. As I set up this page only recently i hope you understand that the content is not yet complete and will be improved in future.

i am not developing MM Tracker any more, but the source code will be maintained by dedicated developers who are interested in keeping MM Tracker alive and adapt it to upcoming Android versions.

MM Tracker is now freeware and can be downloaded free of charge.
But please understand that the project is not in my hands any more and i can not give any support.

You can find the most recent version in the 'MM Tracker' thread of XDA Developers

if you are looking for MM Tracker in Google Play and can not find it, it is because it was removed by request of Mr. Ray Badminton from Memory-Map.

Here the content of his claim:
Memory-Map computer software and Ordnance
Survey map data. Copyright Memory-Map and Ordnance Survey. Both our own
(Memory-Map) and Ordnance Survey (HM Government) End User Licence
Agreements prohibit the copying or use of the Memory-Map formatted Ordnance
Survey map data outside of the official Memory-Map software applications.
The Map Man 'MM Tracker' suite of applications openly promotes the ability
to illegally copy and use said Memory-Map Ordnance Survey map data within
their application. Memory-Map is a registered trademark of EVO Distribution
Limited. Ordnance Survey is part of HM Government, UK.

New: Update to 1.10.4
- Updated for compatibility with Galaxy S3

New: Update to 1.10.3
- Unit mils for angles added
- Default track width can be defined
- Edit WP coordinates in WP properties dialog now possible
- Some smaller fixes

If you have any suggestions, problems or ideas for new features for MM Tracker, please let me know (

About MM Tracker

MM Tracker is a GPS based mapping application which is able to read and display QCT mapfiles. The QCT (Quick Chart) format is used by memory-map applications. Furthermore MM Tracker marks the current GPS position on the map and records the GPS track. Tracks are stored as GPX files.

What MM Tracker can do and what not:
  • Runs on Android 2.x and 3.x (and 1.6 as 'MM Tracker 16')
  • Developed and optimized for HTC Desire. But other Android phones are running MM Tracker as well
  • Reads map files in QCT format
  • Due to limitations of the Android NDK currently only maps up to 2GB are supported
  • Does not support the new memory-map format QC3 / DRM encrypted QCT!
  • There are no maps delivered with MM Tracker.
  • Maps can be scrolled and zoomed with touch display
  • No online connection necessary
  • No suppport for OS online map service
  • Maps are loaded from SD card
  • Tracks are stored to SD card as GPX files
  • Tracks, Routes and Waypoints can be loaded from SD card
  • Overlay manager for Tracks/Routes/Waypoints
  • Waypoints can be created on map or by manual coordinate entry (OSGB and Lat/Lon)
  • Routes can be created and altered directly on map
  • Navigation to Waypoints and along Routes
  • GPS position will be displayed in the map as crosshair
  • When no GPS fix is available, network/Wifi triangulation will be used for position determination
  • Speed/Bearing vector is drawn on the crosshair (optionally using the magnetic compass)
  • GPS track will be drawn on map
  • Magnetic compass is can be shown on map
  • New maps at current position can be selected with context menu
  • Maps with larger/lower scale can be selected at current position using context menu buttons
  • Maps at the current position will be loaded automatically when GPS lock is enabled
  • Support for portrait and landscape (fixed setting or sensor based)
  • Map rotates in direction of travel basing on compass or GPS
  • Display units can be switched between metric, statute and nautical
  • GPS Coordinates can be displayed as Lat/Lon or OSGB (Ordnance Survey National Grid)
  • Geoid correction of GPS altitude
  • Statusline displays speed, height and current status
  • Track properties can be adjusted (colour, width and opacity)
  • 'Lock to GPS' can be enabled to scroll the map while you are moving
  • 'Screen Lock' can be enabled to prevent unwanted touch input
  • When device is switched off (standby) or in background MM Tracker is still recording tracks (user selectable option)
  • Search for places, using MMI files
  • Pinch zoom


If you like MM Tracker and would like to support the development, a donation is appreciated. Thank you!

Different versions of MM Tracker

Currently there are three versions of MM Tracker out there

MM Tracker FREE is meant for checking the compatibility of MM Tracker with your device. It can load Quick Chart maps and displays them. Furthermore a crosshair will be displayed at your current position. MM Tracker FREE will not be developed any further. Only bugfixes will be implemented in MM Tracker FREE. MM Tracker FREE runs on Android 1.6, 2.1 and 2.2 and is of course free ;-)

MM Tracker is the full version and has all the features described. Additionally MM Tracker users will benefit from all future developments and improvements. To run MM Tracker at least Android 2.1 is needed

MM Tracker 16 is identical to the full version, but can be used with Android 1.6. As not all functions of MM Tracker could be implemented with Android 1.6, some functions are not available for MM Tracker 16.


 Android  Availabilty  Functionality
 MM Tracker FREE
 1.6+  free Only display of maps and crosshair
 MM Tracker
 2.1+  not free
Full functionality
 MM Tracker 16
 1.6+  not free
Full functionality except: volume buttons for zoom, long click search button to center GPS, D-Pad usage to scroll 
IMPORTANT: MM Tracker 16 will not be developed any further. Please drop me a mail if you would like to switch from MM Tracker 16 to MM Tracker. 

Compatibility List

This compatibility list was created from user feedback. So i can not verify that all data is correct.
If you have a model which is not listed here and you are running any version of MM Tracker
on the device it would be great if you could drop me a mail so i can update the list.

 Model     Android  MM Tracker FREE
 MM Tracker
 MM Tracker 16
 Acer Iconia A500
 3.1 / 3.2
 X  X  
 Advent Vega (*)
 2.2    X  
 Alcatel OT-990  2.2    X  
 Archos 5
 1.6  X    
 Asus EEE Pad Transformer
 3.x  X  X  
 Dell Streak 5
 2.2.2  X  X  
 Google Nexus One
 ?.?  X    
 Google Nexus 7
 4.1  X 
 HTC Desire
 2.2  X
 X  X
 HTC Desire HD
 2.2  X  X  
 HTC Desire Z
 2.2.1  X  X  
 HTC Flyer
 ?    X  
 HTC Magic
 HTC Wildfire
 2.1 / 2.2.1
 X  X  
 HTC Hero
 2.1  X  X  
 2.2 / 2.3
 HTC incredible S
 2.2 / 2.3.x
 HTC Legend
 2.1 / 2.2    X  
 HTS One S
 4.0.3  X 
 HTC Sensation
 2.3.3  X  X  
 HTC Touchcruise
 2.1  X    
 Huawei S7
 2.1 / 2.2
 LG Optimus
 2.2    X  
 LG Optimus 2x
 ?.?    X  
 Motoroly Defy
 2.1 / 2.2
 X  X  
 Motorola Atrix
 2.2  X  X  
 Motorola Xoom
 X  X  
 Nook Color (*)
 2.3    X  
 Orange San Francisco  2.1  X  X  
 Samsung Galaxy Ace
 2.x    X  
 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
 Samsung Galaxy S  2.x X  X  
 Samsung Galaxy S2
 2.3.3 / 4.0.3
 X  X (**)
 Samsung Galaxy S3
 4.0.4 X X 
 Samsung Galaxy Apollo
 2.1  X  X  
 Samsung Galaxy Note N7000
 4.0.4  X 
 Samsung Galaxy I5700 Spica
 2.1  X  X  
 Samsung Galaxy Y (GT-S5360)  2.x    X  
 Sony Xperia Ray (ST18i)
 ?.?.?    X  
 Sony Xperia X8
 ?.?  X  X  
 Sony Xperia X10
 Sony Xperia X10 mini
 ?.?    X  
 Sony Xperia X10 mini pro
 2.1  X  X  
 Toshiba AT200
 4.0.3  X 
 Viewsonic Viewpad 7  2.2    X  
 ZTE Blade
 2.1  X  X  X
 ZTE Skate
 2.3.5    X  

empty = not tested / no feedback
X = works
-- = does not work
(*) = Bluetooth GPS connected by e.g. "Bluetooth GPS" app -> see FAQ
(**) = It was reported by some users that the MMI search function is working slower with this phone. Investigations are ongoing (fixed with version 1.10.0)

First Steps

MM Tracker FREE
  1. Create directory for maps on your SD-card, using e.g. "ASTRO-filemanager" or the PC when connected to.
  2. Copy your QCT maps to the created map directory
  3. When you first start MM Tracker FREE it will indicate that no map is defined. Confirm with ok.
  4. Press "BACK" button of your device to close the file browser which comes up.
  5. Now press the "MENU" button of your device and then "Settings".
  6. Press "Map Directory" and type in the path to your maps which you created in step (1) (e.g. /sdcard/maps)
  7. If you press the "Back" button of your device, MM Tracker FREE will give you a black screen with the message "No map loaded"
  8. Now you can load maps by pressing the "MENU" button and select "load map". MM Tracker FREE will jump directly to the previously defined map directory and let you browse your maps

MM Tracker
  1. Create directories for maps, tracks, routes and waypoints on your SD-card, using e.g. "ASTRO-filemanager" or the PC when connected to.
  2. Copy your QCT maps to the created map directory
  3. When you first start MM Tracker it will indicate that several directories are not defined. Confirm this message with OK
  4. Now MM Tracker will open the settings dialog. Please select all four directories for maps, tracks, routes and waypoints which you created before in step (1).
  5. If you press the "BACK" button of your device, MM Tracker will give you a black screen with the message "No map loaded"
  6. Now you can load maps by pressing the "MENU" button and select "load map". MM Tracker will jump directly to the previously defined map directory and let you browse your maps
Now you should be able to basically load and use your maps.

Features for the next major releases

Planned (order can vary ;-)

  • Add OSGB coordinate display in easting/northing format (123456 123456 instead of AA 12345 12345)
  • Usage of QED information
  • Show route direction and make it possible to revert the direction
  • Make position icon type selectable (maybe also arrow symbols)
  • Add "Bearing to WP" to the navigation window
  • Add "jump to GPS position" to context menu
  • Free configureable buttons for all button functions
  • Read/Write notes (text) and internet links for Waypoints
  • Distinguish between batt and charge and treat "display off" different
  • Ability to read single-line GPX files
  • Optimize map display for bright sunlight, by using black&white to increase contrast
  • NMEA raw output to SD-card (additionally to GPX)
  • Display map properties in a dedicated dialog
  • Searchbox in maplist
  • Implement UTM WGS84
  • Optionally show map file names or map names in file load dialog
  • New GPS lock mode which moves the GPS cursor that always a bigger part of the map in moving direction is visible
  • Possibility to move windows (Navigation window, Position window etc..)
  • Display speed, position etc. and recorded track properties when no map is loaded
  • ..... feel free to suggest ;-)


(requested features which are not yet planned for MM Tracker, but are intersting enough to keep them)
  • Save heart rate and cadence from ANT+ enabled devices with track data
  • Associate GPX files with MM Tracker in Android and e.g. load and display them
  • Send and receive position data via SMS and display received position
  • Upload of current position via http post to custom web site
  • Download of caches using an account from e.g.
  • Satellite status and info screen
  • Change display brightness within MM Tracker
  • Possibility to calibrate maps (e.g. Photos taken from maps)
  • Add NZ grid
  • Read and display OZI maps
  • Proximity alert from/to waypoints and Routepoints with sound output
  • Send tracks/routes and waypoints (as GPX files) as email
  • .. or synch them via e.g. bluetooth with a PC
  • Export track data in different formats or to Google Maps
  • Show two maps at the same time wth e.g. different zoom level (useful for tablets) or to merge two maps on the display
  • Use external GPS receivers (connected via Bluetooth) with MM Tracker
  • Store pictures and audioclips as geotagged waypoints


  • (1.10.0) Different icons for Waypoints
  • (1.9.3) Implement some kind of cache algorithm to speed up e.g. "Find maps at position"
  • (1.9.2) Display information about distance and bearing when clicking somewhere on the map
  • (1.9.2) Implement ETA (maybe as an option to select ETA/ETE)
  • (1.9.0) Implement Geoid correction to have correct GPS altitude
  • (1.8.6) Add bearing and heading to status line
  • (1.8.6) Add position format Deg,Min and Deg,Min,Sec
  • (1.8.5) Pinch Zoom
  • (1.8.0) Improved performance when panning and zooming
  • (1.8.0) Rotate the map in direction of route or direction of movement (or compass north)
  • (1.7.0) User selectable default track color/width
  • (1.6.5) Display a compass (basing on internal magnetic compass)
  • (1.6.5) Switch to compass direction, when speed is too low for speed vector direction
  • (1.6.0) Create and alter routes on map
  • (1.5.1) Use network triangulation for a first, quick position display before GPS fix is available
  • (1.5.1) Track recording samples should be optionally controlled by distance and not only by time
  • (1.5.0) Ability to switch to landscape mode (or optional use accelerometer)
  • (1.5.0) Show current track data (length, time) on the map
  • (1.4.5) Improve the track/routes data view (e.g. min/max/mean speed, duration, graphs??)
  • (1.4.3) Menu-Button on overlay manager to load additional track/route/wp
  • (1.4.2) Menu-Button on overlay manager to hide/unhide all Tracks/Routes/Waypoints
  • (1.4.2) Create waypoint by enter coordinates manually (as OS grid too)
  • (1.4.0) Display current GPS position (in OS grid too)
  • (1.4.0) Show position (as OS grid too)
  • (1.4.0) Write track periodically to SD card to have it stored in case of low bat or phone crash.
  • (1.4.0) Add on-screen buttons to switch to larger/smaller scale map
  • (1.3.2) Improve performance of MMI search function
  • (1.3.2) Night Colors
  • (1.3.0) Implement search-function basing on MMI files
  • (1.3.0) Possibility to reverse the D-Pad scrolling direction
  • (1.3.0) Closing of MM Tracker only with double click back button instead of just single click
  • (1.3.0) User selectable tracking while standby or in background
  • (1.2.2) Use optical mouse / D-Pad to scroll map
  • (1.2.2) Option to not start tracking automatically 
  • (1.2.2) Map search should work with sub-directories 
  • (1.2.2) Cleanup of settings dialog to have it more structured
  • (1.2.2) Save current position as waypoint
  • (1.2.0) Option to hide the zoom buttons
  • (1.2.0) Overlay management: List of tracks/routes/wp
  • (1.2.0) Create waypoint on map
  • (1.1.6) Load routes and waypoints as GPX files
  • (1.1.6) Navigate along loaded routes
  • (1.1.5) Add the possibility to start/stop track recodring
  • (1.1.5) Display of GPS status, Lock status etc.. in statusline on the map
  • (1.1.5) Ability to switch between km, nautical miles and statute miles
  • (1.1.4) Display of speed and altitude in statusline on map
  • (1.1.4) "Delete all Tracks" option added to the Track context menu
  • (1.1.4) Crosshair shows bearing and speed with arrow/vector
  • (1.1.3) Selection-Folder buttons for Directories for Maps and Tracks instead of text entry
  • (1.1.2) Make compatible with Android 2.1
  • (1.1.0) User selection of other map at current position (e.g. long klick on map display shows list with other maps at this position)
  • (1.1.0) Detection of map boundaries. When the current position is outside the active map a new map (if exists) will be loaded
  • (1.1.0) Solve the 2GB map size issue -> Just a workaround to avoid crashes. But Android can not read files > 2GB
  • (1.0.5) Display of map scale

Version History




Fix: Compatibility issues with Galaxy S3 fixed
Fix: Fixed crash when creating WP in overlay manager
Improvement: Unit mils for angles added
Improvement: Default track width can be defined
Improvement: Edit WP coordinates in WP properties dialog now possible
Fix: After pinch zoom, map lock was stalled
Fix: Drag and Drop of waypoints does not crash anymore
Improvement: Toast-Warning, when track writing gave exception because e.g. device full
Improvement: FIltering of directories in directory browser now less strict
Improvement: When GPS lock enabled map rotates around crosshair
Improvement: Track recording now with geoid corrected altitude (when enabled in settings)
Improvement: New waypoint style dialog with possibility to change wp icons
Fix: Prevent usage of closed MapCache cursor
Fix: Slow MMI search for SAMSUNG SG2 fixed
Fix: Update of tracking rate and distance now works while tracking is active
Improvement: Check that map has correct format
Improvement: Check that map has not too much outline points
Improvement: Check that map path is not filesystem root
Improvement: Button in Navigation window to stop navigation
Fix: Fix in GPX reader
Improvement: Maps data cached for faster switch between different map scales
Improvement: ETA can be selected instead of ETE
Improvement: Option to ask the user for confirmation before tracking ends
Improvement: Display Distance and Bearing when clicking on map
Fix: crash when changing GPS lock while no map is loaded 
Fix: Crash when starting up with invalid track path
Fix: GPX Track reader loads opacity value now correct
Fix: Position of yellow box of routepoint data was wrong
Feature added: Geoid correction of GPS altitude values
Improvement: Route navigation basing on XTE, ATD
Improvement: Display of Bearing and Distance when moving WP and RTP
Improvement: GPS Lock center position now according to status line(s) and navigation window
Fix: Crash/NullPointer when changing screen orientation
Fix: Did not continue display active tracking when crashed and tracks were loaded at restart
Fix: Crash when touching screen without map loaded
Feature added: Deg/Min/Sec Coordinates supported for input and display
Feature added: Optional display of Heading and Bearing as status line
Improvement: Navigation to WP text now bigger when small arrow selected
Fix: MMI read thread modified to improve background loading
Fix: Index issue in Route point deletion fixed
Fix: Waypoint load did not load <sym>. Rewrite of WP lead to "null" string
Fix: Accuracy circle does now rotate correctly with map
Fix: On-Screen coordinate box is now rotating correctly
Fix: Algorithm to find north of map improved

Feature added: Pinch Zoom
Improvement: Option in settings for automatic zoom adaption when mapscale changes
Improvement: When jump to overlay item or map loaded, GPS lock will be disabled
Fix: Nullpointer exception fixed
Fix: Direction of D-Pad movement when map rotates corrected
Fix: Startup without map could lead to hanging and force close
Fix: Direction of travel by GPS was 90 degrees off in landscape mode
 Improvement: Zoom level will be adapted to keep map size when changed to map with different scale
 Fix: MM Tracker crashed sometimes when GPS lock active and screen was rotated by sensor
 Feature Added: Map rotates in direction of travel, basing on compass or GPS
 Improvement: Display routines with background thread to improve panning
 Improvement: Compass will be used for speed vector when network triangulation is used
 Fix: ANR timeout fixed when using screen lock
 Fix: Nullpointer exception in DeleteRouteCore()
 Fix: Asus Transformer "Removable" issue
 Fix: Nullpointer exception in File List fixed
 Feature added: Color settings possible
 Improvement: Track recording now as service to avoid that MM Tracker gets killed by Android
 Improvement: Autostart Tracking off per default
 Improvement: Currently recorded track will not be displayed in load track file list
 Improvement: Compass can now be configured to point always north
 Improvement: Gps tracking min distance can now be set to infinity to disable distance depending tracking
 Improvement: Will not crash, even when GPS or 3G is absent
Feature added: Magnetic compass can be displayed on map
Feature added: Magnetic compass can be used for speed vector
Improvement: Fast scroll handle for file lists
Improvement: Route can be created from overlay manager
Improvement: When WP name changed, the GPX file name changes too
Fix: Distance dependent tracking now without useless extra points
Feature added: Routes can be created and modified
Improvement: Navigation window keeps size even in landscape mode
Improvement: Blue crosshair for network position
Fix: Delete of Overlay object via context menu removes it now immediately from map  
Feature added: Network triangulation can be used for position determination
Improvement: GPS tracking rate by distance now possible
Improvement: Graphs can be scrolled
Improvement: Graphs are now correct regarding timeline (not equidistant any more)
Fix: TrackDataActivity had null pointer exception when no track selected 
Feature added: Screen orientation configurable
Feature added: Display of Track Length and Time in statusline
Feature added: Whatsnew dialog at startup
Improvement: GPX track reader can parse color/opacity/width tags
Improvement: When WP is moved, crosshair and coordinate is displayed
Fix: When selected track is deleted, selection is set to null
Feature added: Tracks can be displayed as graphs (velocity, altitude)
Improvement: Change of Track name changes name of GPX file too.
Improvement: Speed values will be stored to GPX and loaded when track data is shown
Improvement: When tr/rt/wp is deleted, the cursor jumps to previous item and not to start of list
1.4.4 15.03.2011
Improvement: Track Data Display improved and can show active track recording data
Improvement: Coordinates showed by click are copied to clipcoard
improvement: Click on search button shows track data
Fix: Exit with long click on back button not possible any more 
Improvement: Current map is in maplist and marked by ">"
Improvement: Option to disable auto-load of Tracks, Routes and Waypoints
Improvement: Load Tracks, Routes and Waypoints from Overlay Manager
Fix: Track data display crashes fixed 
1.4.2 28.02.2011
Feature added: Create waypoint manually
Improvement: GPS lock can now be autostarted
Improvement: Show coordinates of selected WP in overlay manager
Improvement: GPS-keepalive: When Tracking is active this option will be ignored -> GPS stays on.
Improvement: OnScreen buttons show now feedback when pressed
Improvement: Hide/Show all waypoints and create waypoint in Menu of Overlay Manager
Fix: More fixes in GPX read module for tracks, routes and waypoints
Fix: Ignore case of file extensions, when searching for maps
Fix: GPX Track parser more stable with corrupted tracks 
1.4.1 08.01.2011
Fix: Corrupted GPX Track files lead to NullpointerException 
1.4.0 07.02.2011
Feature added: Display of current GPS position possible
Feature added: OSGB as coordinate display
Feature added: Butons to switch map scale
Feature added: Disclaimer Screen at first start
Improvement: Write Track GPX during recording to improve performance and make it more safe.
Improvement: Progress bar for MMI search
Fix: No longclick and no MMI target view possible, when dirs not defined
Fix: Map scale calculation fixed
Fix: No crash anymore when start MMI search without loaded map
Fix: GPX parser adapted
Fix: 'No long click possible' issue fixed
1.3.3     17.01.2011
Improvement: Scroll response improved. Especially for higher zoom out levels
Fix: GPX parser lon/lat format issue fixed
Feature added: Nighmode
Improvement: MMI search function speed improved
Improvement: Localization for German added
Fix: Nullpointer Exception in file list function
Fix: Nullpointer Exception in Overlay Manager track sorting function
Fix: 'No Scroll' issue fixed
1.3.0 02.01.2011 Feature added: Usage of MMI files to search places added to Overlay Manager
Improvement: Back Button has to be pressed twice to exit
Improvement: GPS and tracking can be disabled while in standby or background (user selectable)
Improvement: D-Pad scroll direction can be inverted
Fix: NullPointerExceptions fixed for Overlay Manager
Fix: Number format issue when writing WP and Tracks fixed
Fix: Filtering of speed vector
Feature added: Long Click on search button centers on GPS
Feature added: Use D-Pad to scroll map
Feature added: Waypoints can be moved on map and locked
Feature added: Create waypoint at GPS position with D-Pad center click
Improvement: Maps at position are searched in subdirs too
Improvement: Outside map counter now without 3sec lag when switching to new map
Improvement: Autostart of tracking now user selectable
Improvement: Speed arrow can be set to infinite length
Improvement: Settings Dialog cleaned up
Fix: Find best map at position algorithm corrected 
Improvement: Selected tracks,routes,waypoints are highligthed in map
Improvement: Selected tracks,routes,waypoints are directly displayed in overlay manager window
1.2.0 24.11.2010
Feature added: Overlay Manager
Feature added: Waypoints can be created
Improvement: No Screen-Update when device off or in background to save power
Improvement: Need to be 3sec outside map, before mapchange
Improvement: Loading next map tries now to keep map scale
Improvement: Zoombuttons can be hided
...... many more minor fixes/improvements
1.1.9 11.11.2010 Fix: IndexOutOfBounds error for zoom level management
Fix: Detection of "GPS active" fixed
1.1.7 10.11.2010 Fix: Calculation of bearing for speed vector fixed
1.1.6 09.11.2010 Feature Added: Read Routes and WP from SD card
Feature Added: Navigate along Routes and to WP and show arrow to direction and distance/time to target
Improvement: Loads now GPX files with multiple tracks/routes
1.1.5 01.11.2010 Feature Added: Switch between metres, statute and nautical units
Feature Added: Tracks can be started and stopped
Improvement: Status icons in statusline
Fix: ConcurrentAcces to tracklist while loading fixed (was leading to crashes at startup)
1.1.4 28.10.2010 Improvement: "Delete ALL Tracks" added to context menu
Feature Added: Display speed vector
Feature Added: Location status line
Fix: GPS recording frequency setting was buggy
1.1.3 24.10.2010 Improvement: Dirs for Maps & Tracks can be selected instead of text input
Improvement: Map selector dialog shows only useful dirs (excluding system and hidden dirs)
1.1.2 23.10.2010 Improvement: MM Tracker runs now with Android 2.1 and 2.2
Improvement: One more 'zoom out' level added
1.1.1 21.10.2010 Fix: Unwanted activation of context menu when zoombuttons pressed is fixed
Feature Added: Volume buttons can be used to zoom in and out (function can be selected in settings)
1.1.0 17.10.2010 Feature Added: Check if GPS is outside map and auto load best scale map
Feature Added: Context Menu to select map at cursor or switch to larger or lower scale map
Improvement: Map scale display better readable
Fix: Maps > 2GB will not crash anymore. Map tiles beyond 2GB will be displayed blank
1.0.5 06.10.2010 Feature Added: Display map scale
1.0.4 01.10.2010 Fix: GPX file format was not readable by GeoSetter
Fix: Color setting in track setting dialog was not working properly
1.0.3 29.09.2010 Fix: Another fix for startup situation with GPS reception. This gave a null pointer exception
1.0.2 28.09.2010 Fix: Typo in about box
Fix: GPS reception while loading tracks crashed the app
Fix: Empty pathes crashed the app
1.0.1 26.09.2010 Fix: GPS reception w/o loaded map crashed the app
1.0.0 26.09.2010 First Release