Text Version of Web Design Glog

STEP ONE: Look again at the project guidelines, examples and web design rubric to understand the required format.  
STEP TWO: Follow the tutorial below to create your website using Google Sites:
STEP THREE: Start by creating your "About" page and begin adding your fact paragraphs to an "Information" page today.  Create a bibliography of everyone's citations. 
STEP FOUR: The opinion paragraphs will be posted on individual blog pages.  Ms. Thompson has created a blog for each student.  Ask for usernames and passwords after completing steps 1-3.  Let Ms. Thompson know if you need help placing a link to your blog on your group's website.  Log in to Kidblog here: 

STEP FIVE: Finally, add a graphic--a comic strip, Voki, banner, photo, clip art, YouTube video, etc.  YOU MUST NOT GOOGLE YOUR GRAPHICS. Use the approved legal PUBLIC DOMAIN RESOURCES or, even better,
CREATE YOUR OWN.  Suggestions: