NOTICE: Due to budget cuts, this program was discontinued after the 2015-16 school year.  Ms. Thompson has preserved the valuable resources compiled here since 2011.  Please feel free to recycle, reuse, and remix! U+2191.svgStudent Work Samples
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What is the value of technology class?

"Most people won't grow up to become professional computer scientists or programmers, but those skills of thinking creatively, reasoning systematically, working collaboratively -- skills you develop when you code in Scratch[, create machines with LEGOs, and design 3D models] -- are things that people can use no matter what they're doing in their work lives." -Mitch Resnick, designer of Scratch, "Let's Teach Kids to Code"

Sixth Grade
Simple and Powered Machines

Driving Question: Can you design and build a LEGO prototype of a machine to solve a real-world problem?

*Cyber Safety

*Mechanical Advantage

*Systematic Observations and Measurements

*Display/Communication of Data Using Diagrams, Drawings, Tables, Etc.

*Predictions and Conclusions

*Evaluating the Significance and Limitations of Created Solutions

*Web 2.0 Tools

Seventh Grade
Introduction to Computer-Aided Design

Driving Question: Can you design a 3D model to plan for the construction of a new or improved product, living space, work place, or recreational environment?


*Trimble SketchUp

*Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Regulations and Other Building, Safety, and Accessibility Codes

*Online Research/Reliable Sources

*Green Construction


*Spreadsheet Software--History and Use

*Digital and Oral Presentations

Eighth Grade
Creative Computing and Special Topics

Driving Questions: Can you communicate with the computer to design a problem-solving application?  What are today’s hot topics in Tech?  How do (or will) these issues affect society?


*Computational Thinking Through Explorations of Scratch, App Builder, HTML and Other Computer Languages

*Sequence, Loops, Parallelism, Events, Conditionals, Operators, Data

*Working Iteratively and Incrementally

*Testing and Debugging

*Reusing and Remixing

*Abstracting and Modularizing

*Current Events in Technology