ESL Modification

Web Resource Guide for Learning English
ELL students have the option of designing a website/blog to evaluate web-based resources for English Language Learners.  All written work may be completed in the student's preferred language.

STEP ONE--What makes ESL websites good or bad?  You decide.
Set criteria for evaluating each web tool.  For example:
*Appropriateness--What age?
Does this tool include an alphabet, pronunciation key, and/or other tools to support a particular age group or level of learners? 
*Clarity--Is it easy or hard to use?
How easy is it to navigate?  What supports are offered?
*Level of Engagement--Is it fun or boring?
Is this tool exciting?  Does it include pictures, audio, and/or video?  How long would this tool hold the interest of the user?
*Access--Do you pay, or is it free?
Is the tool free or partially free to use?  Do you have to log in?  Must you become a member and/or share personal information in order to use the tool?
*Starred Review--How many stars?
On a scale of one to five, how many stars would you use to rate this tool?

STEP TWO - Pick 3.
Select at least three web tools to evaluate from this list:  ESL Resources

STEP THREE - Write about each website in a Google Doc.
For each of your chosen web tools, write an evaluative paragraph (three paragraphs, total). Use the questions from Step One as a guide. 

STEP FOUR - Find good pictures.  
Select graphics to add to your website later.

 STEP FIVE - Make a Google Site.  
Write an "About" paragraph, briefly describing the purpose of your website.Publish your paragraphs and graphic on your website.