Cast & Crew

"There's music in you!"

Please contact Ms. O'Sullivan
with any questions!

Please see the folder below with information, 
dates, calendars and handouts.

Absence Report Form
Cast & Crew
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Costume Information - Cast
Please fill out THIS FORM!
Due on paper or electronically by 1/3/17!

Required Costume Item for ALL Cast Members!
*Start to wear these to rehearsals in January.*

- All cast members are required to wear black shoes with straps or shoes that lace.
- Character shoes, flats, jazz shoes, ballet slippers are all acceptable in black.
- You cannot wear slip on shoes such as flats or loafers.
- You cannot wear lace up sneakers or lace up combat boots.
Important Dates:

- January-
Please look at rehearsal calendar!!!

Mandatory Full Cast Rehearsals 
ALL month, including Tuesday!
2/19 - 2/22 - Tech Week
2/23 - Performance #1
2/24 - Performance #2
2/25 - Performance #3

*In order to be a cast member you have to 
perform in ALL three performances!*