Dresser/Birds of Europe:  Falconiformes


Pandionidae  (Osprey)

Accipitridae  (Eagles, Hawks, Vultures, Kites, Harriers, Goshawk)

Falconidae  (Falcons, Kestrels, Hobby)


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Plates 338--339 were completed by Edward Neale, and Plate 377 was completed by Joseph Wolf (though Keulemans had prepared the plate).

326 327 328 329 330 376 345 Wolf not by Keulemans 


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 341  Tawny Eagle.

Aquila rapax.



332  African Buzzard.  (Buteo)



332  Long-legged Buzzard.

Buteo ferox.



334  Rough-legged Buzzard.

Archibuteo (Buteo) lagopus.




335  Rough-legged Buzzard.

Immature.  (Buteo)



336  Booted Eagle.

Nesting Plumage.  (Aquila)




340  Steppe Eagle.  (Aquila)




378  Hobby.

Falco subbuteo.





369  Greenland Falcon.

Falco candicans.



 386  Osprey.

Pandion haliaetus.






331  Common Buzzard.

Buteo vulgaris.




Accipiter nisus.





























321  Cinereous Vulture.

Vultur monachus.
















323  Bearded Vulture.

Gypaetus barbatus.















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