Mivart, Canidae

St. George Mivart.  Dogs, Jackals, Wolves, and Foxes:  A Monograph of the Canidae.

45 plates, one volume in quarto.  1890.


Separate plates exhibited:  7.



Plate 6.  The Abyssinian Wolf.

Canis simensis.

((partly cropped))?

Plate 44.  The Hyaena Dog.

Lycaon pictus.

Plate 45.  The Long-eared Cape-Dog.

Otocyon megalotis.

The True Fennec.

Canis (Fennecus) zerda.



 ((detail of the above))



 VIII  The Antarctic Wolf.

Canis (Dusicyon) antarcticus.



Canis (Pseudalopex) magellanicus.

((partly cropped))


((detail of the above)) 



The Colishe.

Canis virginianus.