Buller, New Zealand;  (Second Edition, Supplement)

The second edition of Buller's work on New Zealand ornithology, published in 1888 and profusely illustrated with chromolithographs, received wide acclaim.  About twenty years later the author followed this with a two-volume folio Supplement.  It included 12 plates by Keulemans, the first five appearing in the first volume (1905) and the remaining seven appearing in the second (1906). 





  Vol. II, Pl. XII  Pseudogerygone (Gerygone) albofrontata,

Miro (Petroica) traversi.



Vol. II, Pl. VI  Auckland-Island Merganser. 

Merganser australis.



 Vol. I, Pl. III  Hutton's Rail.  Cabalus modestus.

((detail of the above))

Vol. II, Pl. X  Travseria insularis.

This species was also described in The Ibis (1895).



Vol. II, Pl. IX  Antipodes-Island Parrakeet.

Cyanorhamphus (Cyanoramphus) unicolor. 

(Three-fifths Natural Size.) 




Vol. I, Pl. I  Haast's Kiwi.

Apteryx haasti.

(Two-fifths Natural Size.)




Vol. I, Pl. V  Head of Buller's Albatros, (Diomedea bulleri).

Head of Salvin's Albatros, (Diomedea salvini).

 (Three-fourths Natural Size)



Vol. II, Pl. VII  Rufous-faced Owl. 

Sceloglaux rufifacies.

 (One-half Natural Size.)




Vol. II, Pl. VIII  Banded Kaka, and Variety.

Nestor esslingi.

 (One-half Natural Size.)




Vol. I, Pl. IV  Sunday-Island Petrel.

Oestrelata (Pterodroma) cervicalis.

(One-half Natural Size.)




Vol. I, Pl. II  Southern Megapode.

Megapodius pritchadi.

(Buller:  Megapodius pritchardi

 (One-half Natural Size.)



 Vol. II, Pl. XI  Xenicus stokesi.