Buller, New Zealand (1873 Edition)

A history of the Birds of New Zealand.  Walter  Lawry Buller.

Buller published his first edition of New Zealand from 1872--1873.  In this quarto edition 35 plates (of which 25 are included here) were executed by Keulemans and colored by hand by the author's daughters.  Five hundred copies were printed.


The plates from the 1873 edition were reproduced, by means of a photolithographic process, in Buller's Manual of the Birds of New Zealand (1882).  The author also employed Keulemans as illustrator to the widely acclaimed second edition of New Zealand, which included chromolithograph plates.  This exhibit does not include images of plates from either of these works. 


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"Proposed Series of Supplementary Plates"


Strigops habroptilus.










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