Layard, Birds of South Africa

Edgar Leopold Layard, The Birds of South Africa (1884).  The author, often made reference to by his initials, had it published by Bernard Quaritch (London).  This is the revised work, in royal octavo, from the original edition of 1867, which did not include any illustrations.  The revision was protracted and began in 1875, and Richard Bowdler Sharpe had assisted the author on it.  Both of these editions are rare.  The parts were issued in the years as follows:  parts i--ii (1875); part iii (1876); part iv (1877); part v (1882); and part vi (1884).


There are 12 plates; sources exist which have erroneously listed a number different from this.  This exhibit of Birds of South Africa is featured on two webpages, with a link provided below to access the second page.


The images in this exhibit can be selected for enlargement.



(part ii), Pl. XII  Podica petersi.




 (part i), Pl. I  Baza (Aviceda) verreauxi.




 (part iv), Pl. VI  Chaetops aurantius.





 (part iii), Pl. VII  Nectarinia talatala.




(part ii), Pl. XI  Laniarius (Telophorus) quadricolor.





 (part i), Pl. IV  Merops bullockoides,

Merops nubicoides.


(part v), Pl. III  Carine (Glaucidium) capensis.


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