G. E. Shelley, A Handbook to the Birds of Egypt


This is a rare volume in royal octavo from George Ernest Shelley, who specialized in African birds.  It was published in London by John Van Voorst.  There is an introductory narrative of the author's exploits in the region, which is of interesting and impressionable note.   There are 14 illustrations, all of them by Keulemans. 


III  Calamodyta (Acrocephalus) melanopogon;

Emberiza intermedia.



VIII  Caprimulgus aegyptius.

 ((detail of the above))





 XII  Erismatura (Oxyura) leucocephala.





XIII  Larus ichthyaetus.




Crateropus (Turdoides) acaciae.




II  Saxicola (Oenanthe) monacha.


IV  Nectarinia (Anthreptes) metallica.

 Certain printings of the Handbook used this illustration for the frontispiece.



((detail of the above))



V  Erythrospiza (Rhodopechys) githaginea.




 VI  Centropus aegyptius.




IX  Buteo ferox.




XI  Rhynchoea (Rostratula) capensis.





XIV  Rhynchops (Rynchops) flaviorstris.





VII  Merops aegyptius,

Merops viridis. 






Turtur (Streptopelia) auritus,

Turtur (Streptopelia) sharpii.