I Love Paris
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Supplies used in this tut

1 images (I used the art of Suzanne Woolcott)

 Please do not use without purchasing a license

You can no longer purchase from AMI you can purchase from her store Here

Template #35 By Dezigns By Ali Here

Scrapkit is from Soxsational Scraps called Paris it is a freebie you can get it Here

Let's Begin

Open template delete copyright layer as we are using the template layer for this part

 click on template Open paper of Choice selections select all selections float selections de float selections de -float edit copy & paste paper onto canvas selections invert then hit delete on your keyboard selections none.Repeat step for all template layers.dropshadow all layers of template

Click on Toadies back selections select all selections float selection de float floodfill color of choice(I used color out of my tube) Selections none

Open Up Paris Mat resize by 70 per cent edit copy paste on to canvas dropdown layers arrange bring to the top so it is just behind circle layer click back on silver circle layer layers properties blend mode normal but drop opacity down to 40 ok.

Open up image resize 70 per cent edit copy paste place into circle dropshadow image

Open up journal resize 60 per cent edit copy paste layers arrange bring to the top place next to your tube image dropshadow

Open up sparkly edge 1resize 70 per cent edit copy paste onto circle place near bottom layers arrange bring to the top select your eraser tool & erase hanging bits over Open paris Sliver resize 80 per cent  edit copy paste place at top of circle dropshadow

Open up flowers of choice resize them different sizes edit copy arrange on canvas dropshadow all

Open up paris tower resize 40 oper cent edit copy paste place left hand side dropshadow Open up charm resize by 50 per cent edit copy paste place at right hand side dropshadow Open up bow resize 30 per cent place on top of charm resize dropshadow

Add All Copyrights Your Name & You Are Done

If you are going to animate the tower then do not flatten your image yet.

Click on tower then adjust add/remove/noise add noise

Settings uniform noise 50 monochrome checked ok layers arrange merge flattern edit copy take into animation workshop edit paste as new animation then back in paintshop undo then apply again but change noise to 100 ok

Then click on animation frame properties to 15 ok view aniumation if happy then save as a gif 

Thankyou for trying my tut

I would love to see your results so if you email me Here

 I will add your tag in my gallery

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