Happy Christmice


Merry_christmice_lena by you.

Supplies Used In This Tut

1 image 1 image with background (I used the art of Suzanne Woolcott)

 Please do not use without purchasing a license 

You can no longer purchase from AMI you can purchase from her store Here

Template #5 By Me HERE

Scrap Called Christmice By A - Design By Lena you can purchase the kit HERE


Let's Begin

Open template delete copyright layer as we are using the template layer for this part

Click on template open paper of choice resize 700 x 700 pixels selections select your magic wand click on template layer you want to fill then edit copy paste paper onto template postion Selections invert then hit delete on your key board Selections none repeat step again until all layers are filled 

Open up wreath resize edit copy paste postion centre of canvas dropshadow

Open up image with background repeat same step as above for the centre then open up your image again edit copy paste over the top dropshadow

Open up cliparto8 of choice edit copy paste left hand side of canvas select your eraser tool erase a little bit so it looks like it is hanging dropshadow

Open bow of choice resize edit copy paste place right hand side top corner dropshadow

Open up Clipart 04 resize edit copy paste place along the top & centre dropshadow

Open Gingerbread Heart 01 resize edit copy paste place right hand side bottom corner dropshadow

Open up Clipart 01 & 02 resize edit copy paste either side of the Gingerbread Heart dropshadow both

Layers merge visble your image resize a little then layers duplicate adjust blur gaussian blur radius 20 ok drop behind effects texture effects weave Gap Size 2 Width 30 Opacity 100 Weave Color (Red out of your image)Gap Color White Fill Gaps Checked ok

Layers duplicate

Layers merge flattern your image resize a little

Add all Copyrights & you are done

I would love to see your results so if you email me Here

 I will add your tag in my gallery here

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