Dress Up


dressup_sheldon.jpg picture by Sbb_manager_02

Tube (Freebie) By Anita Lee Creations Here

Template #26 By Nicole At Jb2Designs Here

Scrapkit called Diamond Darkness at Shhh Scrapz Shack

 You can purchase the kit Here

Mask #36 by Weescotlass Here

Font Used Bootyneck

Let's Begin

Open template delete copyright layer as we are using the template layer for this part

Click on template open paper resize 600 x 600 pixels selections select all selections float selections de -float edit copy paste paper onto template postion selections invert then hit delete on your key board Selections none repeat step again until all layers are filled selections none

open up heart frame resize edit copy paste place centre of template layers

Open up image resize edit copy paste place ontop of frame then layers dropdown behind frame dropshadow

Open up flowers of choice resize edit copy paste arrange on canvas dropshadow

Open up heart charm edit copy paste place top right corner of heart frame dropshadow

Now for mask layer open up paper of choice open up mask layers new mask layer from image ok source luminance checked ok edit copy paste onto paper merge visible edit copy paste onto canvas dropdown

Add all Copyrights & Name then save image

Thankyou for trying by Tut

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Another Tut Here Using Same Scrapkit