All In The Pink

All_in_the_pink_shhh.jpg picture by Sbb_manager_02

Supplies Used In This Tut

Tube By Mystical Owl Here

Lace Frame By Flashgraphics Here

Mask #36 By Weescotlass Here

Scrapkit called Diamond Darkness at Shhh scrapz Shack you can purchase Here

Let's Begin

Open up new canvas 600 x 600 pixels floodfill white

Open up map1 resize 80 per cent edit copy paste place centre of canvas dropshadow then layers duplicate adjust gaussian blur radius 10 ok dropdown behind then staying on the copy raster go to effects artistic effects halftone settings halftone pattern line size 3 screen angles 1.108 2.162 3.90 use as overlay checked blend mode normal opacity 80 ok.

Open lace frame reize 80 per cent edit copy paste place onto canvas dropdown postion dropshadow.

Open up diamond pendent using your selection tool go around one of them then edit copy paste as new image edit copy paste place right hand side of mat dropshadow

open up grey wavey ribbon don't resize edit copy paste place left hand side dropshadow

Open up flowers use your selection tool again reize flowers 40 & 30 per cent arrange (see my tag for reference) dropshadow both

Open up image resize a little edit copy pate place onto canvas dropshadow

open up key2 resize 50 per cent edit copy paste on top of image dropshadow then click on diamond pendent arrange bring back to the top & also flower


Add all Copyrights & your name & you are done

Thankyou for trying by Tut

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