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MMS Scam

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Miracle Mineral Solution is just some sodium chlorite diluted in water. To "prepare it", it is mixed with some food acid (such as lemon juice) which then creates chlorine dioxide. Sodium chlorite is kind of salt, it is a substance not unknown to science. In fact all those substances, acidified sodium chlorite and chlorine dioxide are very well known. They have been used in municipal water purification for decades and their health effects have been extensively studied. The safety of chlorine dioxide in municipal water purification is even often used by MMS promoters as "proof" that MMS is safe, however it is plainly clear just by smelling tap water that there isn't even a tiny fraction of a dose of MMS in gallons of water.

In some countries chlorine dioxide is also approved for use as a food treatment to prevent bacteria growth on meat and fish. Again, its use in this application is ONLY as a disinfectant, just by smelling these things you can tell there isn't even a fraction of a dose of MMS left on these products when they are ready for consumption. 

Here are some safety data sheets for sodium chlorite in REAL applications

Including water treatment and beerline cleaner.

Is it possible that these applications for these compounds have been studied and found to be safe, but the miraculous medicinal properties have been overlooked or ignored? Or have they been suppressed by Big Pharma, because it would put them out of business?

The other telling thing about this treatment is that it is not the 1st scam to use a similar story. There have been several scams making almost identical claims about substances which "oxidize" and are antibacterial. Most of them are a bleach in some form or another.

Maybe the most well known one was vitamin O http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitamin_O

another is hydrogen peroxide therapy http://www.h2o2hydrogenperoxide.com/

Note this one claims to cure aids and cancer too and is completely FREE, you don't even need to buy a book! But of course they'll sell you the food grade product if you want it.

NONE of these products actually do ANYTHING like what these people claim. They are all scams. Unfortunately it is quite likely that Jim Humble is not going to be the last.

The whole premise of all these therapies is flawed, they rely on a very simple idea: "good bacteria are aerobic, bad bacteria are anaerobic. Therefore oxygen kills bad bacteria." This sounds great, but it is blatantly wrong, on more then one level. Firstly, 99% of the normal healthy bacteria that makes up human gut flora is anaerobic, NOT aerobic:


Secondly, the idea that "bad bacteria" is killed by oxygen, but "good bacteria" is not killed by oxygen is also completely wrong. Here is an example proving this premise is just wrong:


It's probably quite hard to decipher that article so I'll give you the basic idea: A bacteria commonly responsible for human dysentery (diarrhoea) "shigella flexneri", actually relies on and thrives in oxygen! In fact, oxygen availability in your gut is the primary factor of how bad you will suffer from the bug if you catch it.

However, even the very idea that bacteria are either good or bad is not right. There are some specific bacteria which are mostly bad, like salmonella (which, by the way is a Facultative anaerobic organism, which means it does not die in the presence of oxygen and can make energy from oxygen) but the vast majority of bacteria in and around our bodies are neither good nor bad. They just go about their business without causing any issues. They only cause us problems when something goes wrong, a change in their environment for example; it's still the same bacteria, however it's gone "rogue".

It's like if you had pet rabbits and one day some escape and breed like wild fire, then all of a sudden you have a plague of "bad" rabbits. They're still the same rabbits, using myxomatosis to "control" your feral "bad" rabbits won't spare any you might still have as pets just because they stayed "good". Same thing with bacteria. E.coli is a normal part of the human gut flora, as it is called, everyone has it in their intestines. However, certain strains of the SAME bacteria are also one of the leading causes of food poisoning. Same bacteria, some is good, some is bad, so does MMS kill it or not?  Maybe Jim Humble needs to start claiming that MMS makes each bacteria fill out a questionnaire and based on this decides if the bacteria has been good or bad? Or maybe MMS uses the same method that Santa Claus uses on children to decide if it has been good or bad?

In late 2009 Jim Humble even posted an article addressing the other oxygen therapies. Of course he couldn't just say they didn't work, because he says MMS works in pretty much the same way. So he concluded that while they were pretty good, they were actually much stronger then MMS.

Hang on a second. "Stronger then MMS" he says? Doesn't stronger generally mean better? Well, in an inspired move that a weasel it self would be proud of, he wriggles out of that one by saying that the other therapies are "TOO strong" and therefore do more harm then good! Talk about a great dodge.

If they do "more" harm, how can he claim MMS is completely harmless? How did he even come to this conclusion? He's not a doctor, how is he so familiar with these other therapies? What tests did he perform? Unsurprisingly there is again absolutely no evidence to support these claims besides Jim's own statements, which I can't attribute to anything except maybe intuition, or some divine revelation. Where else could he gave got this information from?

Coming back to the evidence for the efficacy of MMS: Jim Humble claims that a real doctor, Thomas Lee Hesselink, MD, has already done the required "scientific research" which cites plenty of medical and scientific literature to support the claims.

There are links to such information from this site.


As an introduction, Jim Humble makes claims like:

"Here you will see that MMS stands up to scientific scrutiny."


"This information is taught in graduate-level pre-med university classes."

A casual observer might not immediately find any reason to disbelieve any of these claims. On the face of it there's no reason to think this doesn't resemble real scientific research.

They cite an absolute mountain of articles, which looks impressive, but all this amounts to is the logical fallacy called Proof by Verbosity, or argumentum verbosium. There are so many articles that to sift through them all and refute them would be a mammoth task. The fact that no one has done so is used as a "proof" that the argument is valid when all it really proves is that no one has the time or patience to wade through it all. The fact is, it doesn't matter how high you stack cow pats, in the end all you'll have is still a pile of dung.

If you look through the cited articles, it really doesn't take long to see that they are pretty much all about how sodium chlorite is a disinfectant, and how oxygen can kill parasites and viruses etc. Which is all true, however there is NOT one single article which links the two, not one single article actually supports the claim that sodium chlorite has some health benefit in the human body . That "miracle cure" claim is ONLY ever made by Jim Humble and Hesselink.

The thing is, Sodium Chlorite has been studied and does have some legitimate and useful applications, like a disinfectant for food, a mouthwash, for cleaning and for water purification. But the main problem with Jim's claims is that he wants us to believe that just because it kills germs on a floor or in water, it will do the same inside the complex human body. This is the claim that is simply false.

Also, a lot of the things Jim Humble claims MMS can cure are not even caused by germs. Things like toxins and venom are quite unlike viruses or germs, they don't have a "living" component which can be killed at all.

I don't think it's necessary to go into the specific scientific details of why or how these claims are false. I'm not a doctor or a chemist so I don't claim to really understand it my self, but I don't believe you NEED to understand precisely it to see through Jim Humble's fraud. You just need to analyze the evidence.

How many people in the world complete "graduate-level pre-med university classes"? If Jim Humble  claims it is so plain and easy to understand, is it plausible or even possible that this "miracle" has slipped past the medical literature? Or is this another part of the conspiracy? Well, when you submit a scientific paper for peer review, you have a record of that, even if it is rejected you should be able to demonstrate that you have tried to have it published. It doesn't just "vanish" without a trace, you will get reasons for why it was rejected and you could publish those, if it was all a conspiracy.

So if they think their "study" is so basic and so compelling, why hasn't it been submitted for peer review? There are thousands of medical journals they could apply to.

If it was really that basic to understand and it was really that effective, there would be an absolute tidal wave of support from scientists, doctors, university students and humanitarians that NO company or group in the world would be able to suppress the swell! Have you seen how active university students can be to rally behind a worth while cause? To think that "Big Pharma" is capable of suppressing such information is mind numbingly bleak! Even in Stalin's Russia there were outbreaks and riots and people fought for their rights. For Jim Humble's conspiracy to be true, our world must be more oppressed then Stalin era USSR! The things people must think and feel to believe this is truly saddening.