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Grow breasts with MMS?

This again is another mind boggling claim. Jim Humble does not make it, but he certainly takes credit for it. Chapter 23 of his book is titled "The MMS Adventures of a Grade School Teacher in Mexico." and Jim's own introduction reads 

"You may have wondered just what might really be done with the MMS, really! Well, read this:"

He himself is obviously endorsing this story as legitimate. I want to make it perfectly clear, you can't argue "but it's just a story someone wrote", because so are all the other testimonials. If Jim Humble takes the credit for the story then he must accept the bad with the good. He can't just take the credit and ignore the criticism. 

Moving right along. I am quoting directly from his own book:

The next day I called to find out how they were doing. (After taking MMS) They pointed out that the daughter, Patty Souaza, had not had her period for six months, plus she had not yet developed breasts. She had a large chest, but no breasts had shown. Yet, that morning breasts about the size of a small lime had begun to develop. At that time I suggested the daughter take another dose on Thursday which was 4 days later. When I called on Thursday she mentioned that her large chest had formed into full size breasts and she now had her period for the first time in six months.

I've heard some tall tales but by this story I am just dumbfounded. I hope you are too.