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AIDS contradictions

If you haven't read the About the Author page, you are probably not aware that my journey to investigate MMS and Jim Humble begun when a Homeopath sold MMS to a close relative of mine just over a year ago now. It was through my own investigation that I discovered that it is not only most definitely NOT a miracle cure, but also that it can be quite harmful.

Jim Humble constantly claims that it is perfectly safe, but the truth is he has conclusively proved that he doesn't have the evidence to sincerely back up this claim. He claims the fact that sodium chlorite has been used in municipal water purification for decades proves the safety of MMS, but the fact is that in water purification the concentrations are far FAR lower and the sodium chlorite is not "activated" just a minute before you drink it. This is a critical point, if MMS WAS in the drinking water, then according to Jim no one drinking municipal water would ever get sick, but MMS is FAR more concentrated and also activated just before drinking so you can in no way claim that it is just as safe as drinking water.

What made me realize this more then anything, the final straw so to speak, is when Jim admitted that MMS doesn't cure AIDS most of the time. I would love the chance to ask him how could that be? For years he made the claim that MMS cures aids 100% of the time, (actually he STILL makes this claim but that's another story), but in an article he wrote to promote MMS2 he point blank made the statement that "MMS only cures HIV sometimes".


I have mentioned this on another page on this site but it's not really drawing the attention I think it deserves.

If Jim really was a brilliant, honest and altruistic person trying to help the world, these statements can not be explained, they contradict each other. Either he is a getting facts blatantly wrong and risking people's lives with his incompetence, or he is flat out lying, there is no other explanation. So how can he possibly claim to be so sure it cures ANYTHING if he got it so wrong about HIV for so many years? What evidence was he using to base his original statements on? Did he ever DO proper tests on the people he claims he has cured? Apparently NOT according to these statements. So if he hasn't done proper tests on these people, how can he even claim to have cured them?

If he has done the tests, which he claims he has, then where are the results? Has he had the results analysed by proper clinical scientists? As he readily admits he is not a doctor or scientist so he isn't qualified to analyse the results, so who analysed the results for him? Where is this analysis? Or is Jim just "guessing" based on the number of emails in his inbox? Is that really good enough? If you've seen him in an interview you must admit he doesn't come across as the sharpest tack in the box, I certainly wouldn't expect him to be capable of a complex clinical analysis, so why do people trust his opinions on anything? Especially things they are drinking which could potentially be toxic?

Perhaps most importantly how can he now even claim MMS is even safe for long term use? The only evidence he can refer to about the safety of MMS is purely "what he's heard" from other people, is it not obvious how irresponsible and dangerous this is? It took a long time to discover the dangers of smoking, many people argued that they had spoken to hundreds of smokers that showed no ill effect, it took years, decades in fact of careful study to conclusively show that smoking causes harm. These days we can't imagine how you could argue smoking isn't bad for you, it SEEMS like the most obvious thing in the world, but the fact is lots of people lived to old age smoking and not dying from it, do we trust ONLY their testimony when evaluating the dangers of smoking? Obviously NOT. So how can Jim Humble claim that HE has the final word on whether or not MMS is harmful? He simply can't, he has absolutely NO evidence what so ever that it is completely safe to consume, especially for extended periods of time. The medical community and the FDA claim that MMS is a bleach and can be harmful to drink, they DO have evidence that shows it can cause damage at the doses MMS is suggested.

So did Jim change his mind about whether MMS cures HIV purely based on emails he's received from people trying MMS? Did he verify tests results or did he just take people's word for it? He obviously didn't just get a whole bunch of emails all at once, he must have 1st got a few, then some more, and finally enough to convince him that it wasn't working. How do we know he hasn't got emails from people who have got very sick from MMS but he is just ignoring them? Pretending they don't exist, or more likely rationalizing them away as "normal reactions".. If according to Jim Humble being sick is a "normal reaction," at what point is it NOT a normal reaction? Does this not immediately strike everyone as an incredibly dangerous argument?

Anyway, after several visits to my "close relative" and about three decent discussions about MMS and critical thinking in general, they have finally agreed to throw the MMS out! That's a great result, but slightly discouraging to me is that I'm not sure there was anything in my argument that actually convinced them. Maybe our talks did make them think a little more critically, but in the end what made them throw it out was the fact that every time they tried to drink it, which thankfully wasn't very often, they had a gag reflex and could hardly stomach it.

Fortunately they listened to their BODY and not Jim Humble, they understood this meant they were putting something harmful into their body! What does Jim Humble suggest instead? Drink it with orange juice to mask the flavour or take it in capsule form so you don't taste it at all! Well fortunately my relative saw through this further ridiculous charade by Jim Humble to cover up the truth. My relative is on a mostly organic diet, doesn't own a microwave oven and regularly does detox, so there was no reason to keep having a Herxheimer reaction unless MMS is actually a toxin it self!

There is NO correlation between how healthy you are and if you will have a strong reaction to MMS, this is the point that finally convinced my relative to get rid of it.

If MMS was really getting rid of toxins, then the least healthy people should have the strongest reactions and the healthiest people should have the least reaction:


Healthy and sick people have a "sick" reaction to MMS in equal measure. Some people seem to have LESS of an initial reaction but this is based on what kind of dose they first take, or lower personal sensitivity to MMS, or perhaps stronger stomach fortitude, it's never based on how sick or healthy they are when they start as it WOULD be if MMS was "healing" them.

The fact that people stop having this MMS reaction after a while is not because they have no toxins left as Jim Humble would claim, but it is because their stomach has got used to the toxin it has been forced to ingest, just like smokers and drinkers develop resistance to those chemicals, so too people can develop tolerance to MMS, that does NOT mean it stops doing harm!

I hope this page will at least give you pause for thought and make you consider more critically what you are putting into your body.