Jim Humble is a fraud and Miracle Mineral Solution is a scam!


Adam Abraham officially withdraws from the MMS conversation.

Adam Abraham, for those of you who don't know, is a blogger who calls himself "Phaelosopher" and one of the few real allies of Jim Humble and MMS in the blogosphere. He has interviewed Jim Humble and even produced a documentary about MMS. 

So I was quite surprised to hear that Adam is, well, let me quote because I don't want to be accused of putting words in his mouth: 

Let it be known on this day, of my official withdrawal from the “Miracle Mineral Supplement/Solution” a.k.a. “MMS” conversation.

As far as I interpret it, this does not mean he is taking back anything he said, or that he has changed his mind about MMS at all. As far as I can tell, Adam is actually just "jumping ship". He's discovered something even BETTER then MMS and has decided on putting his focus on promoting that now. Can you imagine that? Something better then the MIRACLE of the 21st centry!!

Now, I'm not sure about you but this had me very curious! What could POSSIBLY be "BETTER" then (according to Jim and his supporters) a harmless drug that cures just about every disease known to man, including malaria, HIV, Cancer, Hepatitis and hundreds of others? 

Hold onto your hat, the answer is..... 


Nope, I'm not kidding. Adam Abraham is now proclaiming that drinking your own PEE is BETTER then MMS. 

Well, actually, on that point i think I'd probably agree with him. :) Drinking your own pee is actually quite harmless. It's known as "urine therapy" and has been around for a long time and has a small but loyal following, but again, like many of the suggestions Adam Abraham makes, there's no actual good evidence it has any strong therapeutic effects, let alone miraculous properties. 

I thought I'd point this out, not just for my own amusement, but also to illustrate the kind of thought process that goes on when someone lacks a basic understanding of science. They just "jump ship" from one modality to another, like a fad. 

If MMS was really as "miraculous" as Jim Humble claims, and Adam Abraham certainly endorsed, if it was really as safe and effective, you would literally not need a single other medicine. Jim still claims MMS is all that, and even though Adam Abraham probably won't explicitly deny or recant anything he has said in the past to support MMS, he obviously can't believe MMS is all that great anymore because of his recent proclamation. You can read about it on his own blog here:

My 2nd YouTube Video 

I chose to examine the Genesis2Church forums precisely because it is run by demonstrably "pro Jim Humble" administrators and moderators, it is NOT a "neutral" forum in the least. Therefore it should be the source with the most and the strongest user testimonials. I already made a video about the lasrgest site on the internet, facebook and I was going to make a video about youtube. SOME MMS supporters think that even THOSE sites suffer from 'censorship', well it can NOT BE ARGUED that G2C forum suffers from cencorship, EXCEPT for the censorship of opposing opinion. There is no forum which is a more fertile ground for supporters of MMS, which is why it made the perfect target for examination.

I could also make videos about netmedtalk and health salon, but if anything, I would expect those sites to fare even worse. Having a quick look, health salon appears to have about 19 testimonials since 2007, that’s fewer then 4 a year. Do you want me to make a video evaluating them? After that do I have to evaluate EVERY single site that mentions MMS, or will you start to see a pattern after a while?

Yes I could ALSO look up this yahoo group, but again, I see no reason to think it would be more authoritative then the primary MMS forum at genesis2church. The administrators of G2C have copied AT BEST just a couple of positive testimonials from there, that is called CHERRY PICKING. There are no doubt ALSO a great deal of people in that group who ask questions but do NOT return to report positive results, and also users who do report no success with MMS, but those obviously get ignored by the administrators. It's actually called the fallacy of anecdotal evidence PRECISELY for this reason. IGNORING a large portion of the data because it doesn't "fit" your beliefs is not how you find out the truth of a matter, it's how you remain blisfully ignorant.

Whatever your excuses, I’m not trying to prove there are NO testimonials, or just a FEW, I’m proving there aren’t THOUSANDS, which is what Jim Humble claims and many of his supporters repeat. If MMS was curing millions of people like Jim claims, we would expect to see THOUSANDS of testimonials online (a thousand is just 0.1% of a million). But if MMS was a SCAM we would expect to see a just FEW testimonials which can be explained by "anomalies", things like placebo effect, wishful thinking, inaccurate test results, etc, those effects DO result in a spattering of testimonials, not just for MMS, but for just about ANY and EVERY quack scam that has ever existed. So which best fits the evidence? I think it's clear it is the latter not the former.

My First YouTube video 27/04/2012

Update 29/12/2011

Three proofs that MMS does not work. 

1) Still no proof it works!

I have been administering this website personally for almost 2 years now. I have continued researching MMS and discussing it with many people on websites, forums and youtube. Both who think it works and those who don't. But the one thing that hasn't changed since I started this website is that there is still not a single person who has been able to present objective evidence that someone has been cured by MMS of a serious disease, like HIV. I could just about believe it if MMS was only 2 years old, but it's almost 14 years old now. Is it really plausible that after all that time NO ONE has been able to present a single test result showing MMS cured a disease like HIV? Forget the clinical trials or peer reviewed journals, all I want to see is a test result. If it wasn't a scam, this would be extremely easy, there is no excuse why it hasn't happened. People say this information has been "suppressed" or censored, but that's obviously not true, there are hundreds of websites promoting MMS, none of them have been "suppressed" unless they actually SELL MMS and make false claims about it. 

2) Even the alternative medicine community doesn't support MMS or Jim Humble.

If MMS really worked, these are the people that should be rallying behind it. They are not "pharma shills", they are openly critical of big pharma, they WANT to promote safe and effective medicines for people to use to avoid conventional medicine. Some of them sell other health products, some of them don't, but the one thing they have in common is they do NOT support Jim Humble. Why would that be? Jim says it's because these websites have "their own interest" or they are "jealous" but that's nonsense, they all promote other safe alternative medicines, they have nothing to be jealous of. If MMS was safe an effective, these are the websites that WOULD promote it.

3) 99% of the normal healthy bacteria that makes up human gut flora is anaerobic, NOT aerobic

Jim Humble's main premise is that all good bacteria is aerobic and all bad bacteria is anaerobic, therefore MMS "kills" bad bacteria because it is an oxidant. This is completely wrong, 

99% of healthy bacteria in your stomach is anaerobic. Good and bad bacteria are not conveniently segregated into aerobic and anaerobic like Jim claims. In fact, many bacteria are both good AND bad, like e coli, it is perfectly normal to have e coli in your intestines, but it is also the main cause of food poisoning. His main premise that "oxygen" can somehow search out and destroy only the bad bacteria in your body is completely wrong. In fact oxidizers are what's called free radicals and when ingested cause  "oxidative stress" in the body:

My page  MMS Scam has more detailed info on this point if you want to read more.