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Come into my Bootiful Art Room where amazing imaginations come to life! 
My name is Mrs. Bouchard and I have taught art at Milford Middle School since 2003.  I LOVE art and enjoy helping my faboolous students to create, appreciate and express their individuality.
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Live Free and Paint!

I can’t imagine myself in any other career.  I was born to be a teacher and I knew it from first grade.  I found a sense of place and self in my high school art rooms.  Art is my oxygen; it sustains me.  I feel extremely fortunate to be able to share my passion for art with everyone who enters my room and foster the same sentiment in each student.  I am grateful to be in a position that challenges me to reach, grow and evolve personally, artistically and professionally.

Art education nurtures and develops a deeper learning about ourselves and those around us.  It encourages  us to become active participants in our ever changing society.  What we see and feel in art conveys a story that others can see and feel.  

Experiencing the arts extends beyond it’s walls and connects to nearly all other disciplines.  Young artists learn how to take risks, practice creative problem solving and design thinking that is critical and utilized in every aspect of the professional world

I would like to thank the Kaley Foundation for generously awarding the Milford Middle School Art Department a $1,299 grant for technology.  This award will help to keep my curriculum rich and up to date with current practices.  I am grateful to belong to a community that supports arts education!