The Marshall Alternative Program, MAP, is the place where school meets community and creates an explosion of learning.  At MAP, students and parents become members of a learning community.  MAP values and cultivates a diversity of learning styles that allows every student to reach their potential by doing their best.

MAP is a district-wide middle school magnet program, consisting of approximately 55 students and two teachers.  Students normally enter in their first year of middle school, 6th grade, and stay through their 8th grade year.  All three grades work together in the same classrooms.  The curriculum is similar to all Olympia middle schools, but arranged in a 3-year cycle so all students experience the entire curriculum with minimal overlap during their middle school career.

Students are encouraged to examine personal learning styles and build on their strengths while exploring all learning methods.  Much of the learning is experiential in nature, and many units of study are designed to integrate disciplines within the curriculum.  Students set academic goals for each quarter and frequently review their achievements.  MAP emphasizes critical thinking and self-assessment along with narrative assessments provided by MAP faculty.

MAP  is a community where students discover a lifelong love of learning, and build relationships that last a lifetime.

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