Weekly Assignments

Monday, May 4

Work day

Tuesday, May 5

Wednesday, May 6

Thursday, May 7

Work on Multicultural Fair presentation

Friday, May 8

Multicultural Fair board work time


Monday, April 27

Take notes/begin writing travel articles

3 paragraph organizers are due tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 28

Check 3 paragraph organizers

Research in library

Wednesday, April 29

Writing day: travel booklet

Thursday, April 30

Writing day: travel booklet

Friday, May 1



Monday, April 20

Vocabulary quiz

Plagiarism vs. Paraphrasing

Homework: 4 Notecards about Jack London

Tuesday, April 21

Write a 3-paragraph biography of Jack London without plagiarizing 

Wednesday, April 22

Bibliography overview

Homework: bibliography practice

Thursday, April 23

Tourism/Culture Overview (paragraphs organizers)

Start taking notes

Friday, April 24

Library: Start taking notes


Monday, April 13

MAP Language Test


Tuesday, April 14

Correct figurative language sheet

Review for test


Wednesday, April 15

Freak the Mighty/Stargirl Test


Thursday, April 16

Go over tests/Review for vocabulary quiz


Friday, April 17

MAP makeup tests

Vocabulary Quiz--Monday!


Monday, April 6

No School

Tuesday, April 7

MAP reading test

Wednesday, April 8

*Websites are due today!

Reading day: finish your novel

Thursday, April 9

Vocabulary Activity

Homework: Literature Circle Assignment

Friday, April 10

 Figurative Language Discussion 

Literature Circles

Final novel discussion: 6 Important events/themes

Homework: Figurative language sheet

Test--next Wednesday!


Monday, March 30

Go over vocabulary lists

Meet with Literature Circles

Homework: Stargirl--read to page 72

Freak the Mighty--read to page 71


Tuesday, March 31

Continue novel discussion 

Reading time

Homework: Stargirl--read to page 100

Freak the Mighty--read to page 92


Wednesday, April 1

 Discuss questions

Read Stargirl--read to page 125

Freak the Mighty--read to page 114

Homework: Literature Circle Assignment

Thursday, April 2

Meet with your literature circle

Vocabulary Activity

Homework: Catch up on any reading you've missed and finish the novel by next Thursday.

Friday, April 3

No School


Monday, March 23

**Late start**

Fix/edit The Call of the Wild Papers


Tuesday, March 24

Correct Scope & worksheet 4

Finish website


Wednesday, March 25

Begin novels: "Kids Who Are Different"

Reading assignment--

Homework: Stargirl--read to page 26

Freak the Mighty--read to page 27



Thursday, March 26

*Website touch-up*

Go over vocabulary words

Novel discussion

Homework: (For MONDAY)

Stargirl--read to page 54

Freak the Mighty--read to page 53

Literature Circle Assignment


Friday, March 27

Work day for reading/literature circle

Homework: (For MONDAY)

Stargirl--read to page 54

Freak the Mighty--read to page 53

Literature Circle Assignment


Monday, March 16

Go over quizzes

Start Scope Magazine

“Imagine This Was Your School”


Tuesday, March 17

Finish Scope: “Saving the Great Monster,”

“Should School Start Later,” and "The 

Red-Headed League"

Homework: Worksheet 4


Monday, March 9

Interjections, p. 262-264

Exercise 13 and 14, p. 264

Start presentation—Parts of Speech Review


Tuesday, March 10

Finish parts of slides

Share/Fill out parts of speech grid

Start online review


Wednesday, March 11

Finish online review

Start grammar review packet


Thursday, March 12

Finish/Correct packet


Friday, March 13

Finish/correct review packet

Parts of Speech quiz


Monday, March 2

Recognizing prepositions
Exercise 1,
p. 247
Class practice

Page 249


Tuesday, March 3

*Snow Day*


Wednesday, March 4

Add papers to website

Correct p. 249

Exercise 11, p. 253

Homework: Worksheets 37 & 39

Thursday, March 5

Correct WS 37-39


Online quizzes

Prepositions quiz

Friday, March 6

Conjunctions, p. 256-259

Correlative conjunctions

Exercise 5 and 6, p. 260

Monday, March 9

Correct homework

Interjections, p. 262-264

Exercise 13 and 14, p. 264

Parts of speech grid

Tuesday, March 10

Finish parts of speech grid

Overall grammar review online


Monday, Feb. 23

Go over tests

Correct vocabulary review assignment

Vocabulary Review

Click here  and here for an online reviews for the vocabulary quizzes.

Begin Writing assignment/brainstorm 


Tuesday, Feb. 24

Vocabulary Quiz

Writing time

The writing assignment is due 3/3


Wednesday, Feb. 25

Writing Time/Supporting paragraphs


Thursday, Feb. 26

Peer editing time/conference with me


Friday, Feb. 27

Edit writing for sentence variation and word choice

The writing assignment is due 3/3


Monday, Feb. 16

No School: Inservice


Tuesday, Feb. 17

Correct FYI 2

Finish chapter 7

Take notes

Homework: Last Book Club Assignment


Wednesday, Feb. 18

Meet with book clubs

Plot diagram

Final Discussion


Thursday, Feb. 19

Online Review

Click here for the notes to study for the test.

Play Jeopardy: Review


Friday, Feb. 20

COW Test

Review for vocabulary quiz when finished

Homework: Vocabulary Review


Monday, Feb. 9

Begin chapter four

Homework: FYI 1


Tuesday, Feb. 10

Correct homework

Finish Chapter 4


Homework: Read Chapter 5


Wednesday, Feb. 11

Jack London Presentation

Discuss questions

Begin chapter 6


Thursday, Feb. 12

Finish chapter 6

Homework: Literature circle assignment


Friday, Feb. 13

Literature circles

Begin chapter 7

Homework: FYI 2


Monday, Feb. 2


Tuesday, Feb. 3

Finish chapter 1

Take Notes

Begin chapter 2

Wednesday, Feb. 4

Finish chapter 2

Assignment: Book circle assignment (varies by student)-

Due tomorrow


Thursday, Feb. 5

Reading Quiz

Literature Circle Discussions

Begin Chapter 3

Friday, Feb. 6

Finish chapter 3



Monday, January 26 
Adverbs quiz

Start Scope/Reading comprehension (in class)


Tuesday, January 27

Finish Scope/Reading Comprehension


Wednesday, January 28

Ski Trip


Thursday, January 29

Discuss Jack London article

Pre-reading quiz

Start novel The Call of the Wild

We will be reading the novel in class together, but here are some resources if you miss a day:

The Call of the Wild
Audio Version
Full text version


Friday, January 30

Finish chapter 1


Monday, Jan. 19

No School: Inservice


Tuesday, Jan. 20

Finish websites
Go over adjective quizzes
Begin Adverbs unit

Homework: Adverbs practice (front and back)

Wednesday, Jan. 21
Correct homework
Page 236-238

Homework: Adverbs sheet and sheet 33


Thursday, Jan. 22
Exercise 19, p. 239

Adjective or Adverb?, p. 239 & 240
Online Practice
Homework: Worksheet 34

Friday, Jan. 23
Correct worksheet 34
Adverbs that modify other adverbs, p. 238
Bottom of Worksheet 36


 Monday, Jan. 12

Finish PowToon presentations

Pages 231-235

Homework: Adjective Review Sheet


 Tuesday, Jan. 13

Do page 235

Homework: Worksheet 24


Wednesday, Jan. 14


Correct WS 24

pages 229-230

Exercise 9 & 12, p. 235

Homework: Worksheet 26 & Adjective quiz review


Thursday, Jan. 15

Correct homework

Online review

Adjective quiz-- tomorrow!


Friday, Jan. 16

Adjectives Quiz

Reading practice: Scope Magazine



Monday, January 5

Work time on projects


Tuesday, January 6

**Shortened Periods: Late Start**

Work on projects


Wednesday, January 7

**Snow Day**


Thursday, January 8

Finish/Share projects

Friday, January 9

Adjectives Song

Correct WS 21

p. 226 & 228-230

Homework: Worksheet 24

Monday, January 12 

Pages 231-235

Do page 235

Homework: Worksheet 26


Monday, December 15

Final Discussion of A Christmas Carol

Review for Drama test: The test is WEDNESDAY.

Click here and here for notes that will be covered on the test.

Click here for an overview of the content that will be covered on the test.


Tuesday, December 16

Play Jeopardy: Review for test

Click here and here for notes that will be covered on the test.
Click here for an overview of the content that will be covered on the test.


Wednesday, December 17

Drama Unit test

Study for this week's vocabulary quiz!

1st set of flashcards to study

2nd set of flashcards to study

Homework: Vocabulary Review

Click here for the list of words and definitions. 


Thursday, December 18

Vocabulary review

Project work time


Friday, December 19

Vocabulary Quiz

Project Workday


Monday, December 8

Continue work on scripts

Tuesday, December 9

Finish scripts/begin animating (We will continue these next week.)


Wednesday, December 10

Begin A Christmas Carol

Homework: Worksheet 171--vocabulary


Thursday, December 11

Continue A Christmas Carol

Act 1 Questions

Homework: Vocabulary Activity

Friday, December 12

Charles Dickens Info.

Begin Act II: A Christmas Carol


Monday, Dec. 1

Watch and compare/contrast Monsters Are Due on Maple Street with play


Tuesday, December 2

Finish video

Comparison/Contrast discussion

Take Notes

Wednesday, December 3

Video intro.

Begin Funny Boy


Thursday, December 4

 Finish and discuss Funny Boy

 Explain/ begin play scripts


Friday, December 5

Work on play script/plot diagram


Monday, November 24

Pass out new vocabulary words


Read: The Monsters are Due on Maple Street

Homework: Worksheet 181

Tuesday, November 25

Correct vocabulary worksheet

Finish the play

Discuss plot and structure of the play

Wednesday, November 26-Friday, November 28

No School: Thanksgiving Break


Monday, Nov. 17

Vocabulary Quiz

Review action verbs, p. 206, 207, &211

Action verbs practice

Homework: None

Tuesday, Nov. 18

Go over quizzes 

Linking verbs, p. 212-217

In class practice

Homework: Worksheet 15

Wednesday, November 19

Helping Verbs Review

Finish page 221 --if you didn't finish in class


Thursday, November 20

Verbs wrap-up

Correct page 221

Worksheet 19

Quiz review


Friday, November 21

Verbs Quiz

Begin reading The Monsters are Due on Maple Street


Monday, November 10

Posters are due today!

Correct Worksheet 3

Read “America the Not-So-Beautiful”


Tuesday, November 11

Read and discuss "Accumulating Happiness"

Final discussion and fill out review sheet


Wednesday, November 12

Review game for test


Thursday, November 13

Nonfiction unit test


Friday, November 14

Go over test

Study for vocabulary quiz


Monday, Nov. 3

Begin Informational Poster Assignment


Tuesday, Nov. 4

Last informational poster workday

(Due Monday)


Wednesday, Nov. 5

Read and discuss “The Guys Who Got bin Laden”

Homework: Answer 7 questions


Thursday, Nov. 6

Website  work time

Homework: Worksheet 3 (Another Capital Idea)


Friday, Nov. 7

No School: Inservice


Monday, October 27

Watch Jaws trailer

Read “Great White Sharks”

Venn diagram


Tuesday, October 28

Discuss "Great White Sharks" and Venn diagram

 Read and discuss "The Bill of Rights"

Homework: Answer 5 questions

  1. Which amendment protects freedom of religion, speech, and the press? 2.Why is the right to keep and bear arms important, according to Amendment II? 3. What must a search warrant describe, according to Amendment IV? 4. Can a United States citizen be tried twice for the same crime? How do you know?5. How many amendments are in the Bill of Rights?


Wednesday, October 29

DRTA Activity

Pandas, p. 583


 Thursday, October 30

Pandas research

Homework: Finish panda research (if not finished in class) 

 Friday, October 31

Draw monster pictures

Review organizer


 Monday, October 20

No School: Inservice


Tuesday, October 21

Begin reading "Boy"


Wednesday, October 22

Finish reading "Boy" 


Thursday, October 23

Writing assignments in class


Friday, October 25

*Late start*

Homework: Read "What Do You Know About 

Sharks?" and answer questions 1, 2, & 6

(Finish for homework if you didn't finish in class.)


Monday, October 13

Peer editing: monsters

Homework: Monster papers are due Thursday!

Have an adult proofread for you. 


Tuesday, October 14

*Shortened periods: ITBS*

Begin Nonfiction unit

Take nonfiction notes

Go over vocabulary

Monster papers are due Thursday!


Wednesday, October 15

*Shortened periods: ITBS*

Read "Rattlesnake Hunt," p. 518

Monster papers are due tomorrow!

Thursday, October 16

*Shortened periods: ITBS*

Collect papers.

"Is Facebook Making You Mean?" Handout

Social Media Conversation

Homework: Read "Is Facebook Making You Mean?" if you didn't finish in class.

Friday, October 17
Read 2 articles

Continue social media conversation


Monday, Oct. 6

Nouns test

Homework: Worksheet 2


Tuesday, October 7

Go over tests

Correct worksheet 2

Homework: Draw monsters for descriptive papers


Wednesday, October 8

Practice descriptive writing through teacher examples.

Look at sample descriptive writing.

Write an introduction


Thursday, October 9


Writing Time: Description

Begin a rough draft describing your drawing. This must be done so that someone else could draw your picture without seeing it. Click here for an organizer to help you get started.

Friday, October 10

No Class: Outdoor Ed. Day


Monday, Sept. 29

Finish common/proper nouns Powerpoint

Pages 197-199

Class practice

Homework: Worksheets 1 & 29


Tuesday, Sept. 30

Correct homework

Demonstrative and Interrogative Pronouns

Online Pronouns Review

Homework: Worksheet 10


Wednesday, Oct. 1

Correct worksheet 10-11

Pronoun/antecedent agreement
, pages 402-407

Homework:  Worksheet 135 (Pronoun/Antecedent Agreement)

 Thursday, Oct. 2

Pronoun/Antecedent Agreement review

Review page 205

Friday, October 3

Google Doc Review of Nouns/Pronouns

Review for Monday's test. Click here to see what will be on the test.

Monday, October 6

Nouns/Prounouns test



Monday, Sept. 22

Common/proper nouns, p. 195

Nouns activity

Online review of nouns


Tuesday, Sept. 23

*Switched Schedule--Magazine Kickoff

Exercise 6, 7, and 10, p. 196

Review pronouns and antecedents, p. 198

Class practice


Wednesday, Sept. 24

Book Fair Video

Worksheet 29

Exercise 14, p. 200

Homework: TBA


Thursday, Sept. 25

*Switched Schedule--PBIS Activity

Correct worksheet 2

Worksheet 29--Review

Exercise 14, p. 200

Homework: Worksheet 29 & write a paragraph. 

Underline at least 10 nouns and circle 5 pronouns.


Friday, Sept. 26

No School: Inservice


Monday, Sept. 15

MAP Language Test


Tuesday, Sept. 16

Go over tests

Review for vocabulary quiz

Unit 1 Vocabulary Flashcards


Wednesday, Sept. 17

Vocabulary Quiz

Start websites (if time)


Thursday, Sept. 18

Go over vocabulary quizzes

Finish website


Friday, Sept. 19

MAP make-ups


Monday, Sept. 8

MAP Test


Tuesday, Sept. 9

Collect wanted posters and correct page 91

Read and discuss "Without Commercials"

Compare and contrast with song lyrics


Wednesday, September 10

-Collect extra credit

-Practice Essays

-Fill out study organizer

Click here to see the notes that will be on the test.

Review for test


Thursday, September 1

Play game/Review for test


 Friday, Sept. 1

Unit 1 Test


Monday, Sept. 1

No School

 Tuesday, Sept. 2

Read “The Cat Who Thought She Was a Dog”

Discuss ?s

Homework: Vocab ½ sheet


Wednesday, Sept. 3

Correct homework 1/2 sheet and Worksheet 6

Story Map


Thursday, Sept. 4

Read "The Highwayman"

Homework: Wanted Poster (due Monday)


Friday, September 5

Interactive online activity

Continue work on posters

Homework: Worksheet 1 (Vocabulary Practice)/Finish poster


Monday, August 25

Venn diagram

Read "All Summer in a Day"

Homework: Worksheet 86


Tuesday, August 26

Correct worksheet 86 & collect comics

Discuss questions appointment style 

Start characterization Chart

Wednesday, August 27

Journal Entry/Finish characterization chart


Sample Videos

Homework: Figurative Language Sheet


Thursday, August 28

Discuss characterization sheet

 Read "A Day's Wait"

Online discussion


Friday, August 29

Journal Entry

Finish discussion

Fill out literary analysis

Homework: Worksheet 6 (Cross-curricular connection) 


Monday, August 18

Continue work on biography. (It's due Thursday.)

Pass out books

 Read "Seventh Grade", p. 114


Tuesday, August 19

Watch Sample Discussions

Discuss four areas of substantive conversation: critically thinking, contributing, connecting, & concluding

Create a Google Doc about your area

Prepare for discussion


Wednesday, August 20

Finish great conversations

Discuss questions


Thursday, August 21

Collect writing assignments

Dr. Love Activity: Lino

Friday, August 22

Watch video introduction to "Oranges"

Read/Listen to "Oranges"

Discuss questions

Homework: Turn the poem into a comic strip. It must be colored.


 Monday, August 25

Journal Entry

Read "All Summer in a Day"

Homework: Worksheet 86


Wednesday, August 13

Namecards/seating chart


Partner Matching

About You Sheet/Pictures

Homework: Get expectations sheet signed

Thursday, August 14

Collect expectations sheet

Journal Entry

Go to library to get SSR book

Who Are You?

Notes--Unit 1

Homework: H

ave an SSR book by tomorrow


Friday, August 15

-Collect Expectations sheet

-Go to lab: -Review use of Google Docs

-Go over photo booth

-Type biographical info. (It's due Thursday.)

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