Weekly Assignments

Monday, May 23

Book Clubs

Final novel discussion

Review Game

Tuesday, May 24

Freak the Mighty test


Wednesday, May 25

Vocabulary Quiz

Go over tests

Letter to Yourself


Thursday, May 26

Goals & Personal Profile

Make cover

Check journals


Friday, May 27

Finish scrapbooks


Monday, May 16

Read Chapter 10

Literature Circle Assignment

Fix papers (Due Friday)


Tuesday, May 17

Meet with Literature Circles


Freak the Mighty--read to page 92


Wednesday, May 18

Continue novel discussion 

Reading time


Freak the Mighty--read to page 121


Thursday, May 19

Figurative Language

Freak the Mighty--read chapters 19 & 20

Homework: Finish the novel for Monday.

Friday, May 20

Reading time

Homework: Finish the novel & do literature circle assignment


Monday, May 9

Finish & share commercials

Tuesday, May10

Finish Projects

Start Parts of speech grid


Wednesday, May 11

Finish parts of speech grid

Homework: Grammar review


Thursday, May 12

Grammar Quiz

Begin novels

Reading assignment: read to page 27


Friday, May 13

Novel discussion

Read to page 53


Monday, May 2

Finish up bibliographies and papers

They are due tomorrow!


Tuesday, May 3

Papers are due today!


Wednesday, May 4

Condense notes/write advertisement script

Thursday, May 5

Finish script/start filming


Friday, May 6

Collaboration day


Monday, April 25

Research day


Tuesday, April 26

Online research


Wednesday, April 27

Library research/starting writing


Thursday, April 28

Library/Writing day


Friday, April 29

Writing day


Monday, May 2

Finish up bibliographies and papers

They are due tomorrow!


Monday, April 18

Journal Entry

Go over tests

Correct Vocabulary Review

Vocabulary quiz


Tuesday, April 19

Go over vocabulary quizzes

Plagiarism vs. Paraphrasing –English

Homework: 4 notecards


Wednesday, April 20

Homework: 2-paragraph biography


Thursday, April 21

Bibliography overview and practice

Homework: Sample bibliography


Friday, April 22

Organizing overview

Start research



Monday, April 11

Tuesday, April 12

MAP Language Test

Homework:  Read “Lazy Peter and his 3-Cornered Hat”



Wednesday, April 13

Journal Entry

ABC Review

Discuss “Lazy Peter and his 3-Cornered Hat”

Finish organizer


Thursday, April 14


Click here for the notes that will be covered on the test.


Friday, April 15

Legends, Folk Tales, and Myths Test

Homework: Vocabulary Review


Monday, April 4


Take Notes

Discuss Scales of Justice Myths

Start Organizer


Tuesday, April 5

Take mythology notes

Read "Phaethon: Son of Apollo", p. 814

Discuss questions

Homework: Worksheet 221


Wednesday, April 6

Read "Icarus and Daedalus," p. 822

Homework: answer questions & draw Greek god

Thursday, April 7

Correct 221

Read "The Fatal Flower"

Homework: "Demeter and Persephone" (if you haven't already)

 Worksheet 45

Friday, April 8

DOL Quiz

Read "Echo and Narcissus"

Update graphic organizer


Monday, March 28

Tuesday, March 29

MAP Reading Test

Wednesday, March 30


Begin Legends, Folk Tales, and Myths Unit

Vocabulary Words

Read Aesop's Fables and "All Stories are Anansi's"

Homework: Worksheet 216

Thursday, March 31


Scales of Justice Myths

Group discussions

Friday, April 1

No School:Collaboration Day 


Monday, March 21

Finish up websites

-Share all papers

-Write personal reflection

-Check rubric

-Get at least three comments

-Turn in rubric when done

Due: Thursday (3/31)


Tuesday, March 22

Recognizing prepositions
Exercise 1, p. 247
Class practice

Page 249


Wednesday, March 23

Correct p. 249

Exercise 11, p. 253

Homework: Worksheets 37 & 39


Thursday, March 24

Correct WS 37-39


Online quizzes

Prepositions quiz


Friday, March 25

No School


Monday, March 7

Go over quizzes

Fix papers

Add to websites


Tuesday, March 8

Read “The Snake That’s Eating Florida”

Do activities


Wednesday, March 9

Read “When Girls Ruled Baseball”

Answer questions


Thursday, March 10

Read “My Dad is in Prison”

Do reading activities


Friday, March 11

Finish Scope/Correct packet


Monday, February 29


Page 236-238

Homework: Sheet 34 Practice


Tuesday, March 1

*Adjusted Schedule*

Correct homework

Online Practice


Wednesday, March 2

Exercise 19, p. 239

Bottom of Worksheet 36 & adverbs that tell where


Thursday, March 3

Adverbs quiz

Friday, March 4

No class-Collaboration Day


Monday, February 22


Edit essay for word choice

Homework: Worksheet 3 (Another Capital Idea!)


Tuesday, Feb. 23

Correct worksheet 3

Read Scope magazine


Wednesday, Feb.  24


Finish Scope

*Papers are due Friday!


Thursday, Feb. 25


Correct homework/
Page 236-238

Homework: Adverbs sheet and sheet 33

*Papers are due Friday!


Friday, Feb. 26

Exercise 19, p. 239

Adjective or Adverb?, p. 239 & 240

Online Practice

Homework: Worksheet 34


Monday, Feb. 15

No school


Tuesday, Feb. 16

Vocabulary Quiz

Writing time

The writing assignment is due 3/3


Wednesday, Feb. 17

Writing Time/Supporting paragraphs


Thursday, Feb. 18

Peer editing time/conference with me


Friday, Feb. 19

Edit writing for sentence variation and word choice

The writing assignment is due 3/3


Monday, Feb. 8

Journal/Correct FYI 2


Work time—Final book club

Essay Practice (if time)


Tuesday, Feb. 9

Meet with book clubs

Plot diagram

Final Discussion


Wednesday, Feb. 10

Online Review

Click here for the notes to study for the test.

Play Jeopardy: Review


Thursday, Feb. 11

COW Test

Review for vocabulary quiz when finished

Homework: Vocabulary review


Friday, Feb. 12

Go over tests

Correct vocabulary review assignment

Vocabulary Review

Click here  and here for an online reviews for the vocabulary quizzes.

Begin Writing assignment/brainstorm 


Monday, Feb. 1

Reading Quiz

Conflict and chapter 5 notes

Begin chapter 6


Tuesday, Feb. 2



Wednesday, Feb. 3

Finish chapter 6

Take notes

Start the last chapter

Thursday, Feb. 4

Begin chapter 7

Homework: FYI 2


Friday, Feb. 5

Collaboration Friday

Monday, February 8

Correct FYI 2

Finish chapter 7

Take notes

Homework: Last Book Club Assignment


Monday, January 25

Reading Quiz

Finish Chapter 3



Tuesday, January 26

Start Chapter 4

Homework: FYI 1


Wednesday, January 27

Ski Trip


Thursday, January 28

Correct FYI 1

Finish chapter 4

Homework: Book Club Assignment


Friday, January 29

Share with book circles

Begin Chapter 5

Homework: Read Chapter 5


Monday, January 18

No School


Tuesday, January 19

Go over quizzes

Pre-reading quiz

Start novel The Call of the Wild

We will be reading the novel in class together, but here are some resources if you miss a day:

The Call of the Wild
Audio Version

Full text version

Wednesday, January 20

Finish chapter 1

Take Notes

Begin chapter 2


Thursday, January 21

Finish chapter 2

Assignment: Book circle assignment (varies by student)-

Due tomorrow


Friday, January 22

Reading Quiz

Literature Circle Discussions

Begin Chapter 3


Monday, Jan. 11

Correct good vs. well sheet

Adjectives Song

p. 226 & 228-230

Homework: Adjectives Sheet


Tuesday, Jan. 12

Pages 231-235

Homework: Adjective Review Sheet


 Wednesday, Jan. 13

Do page 235

Homework: Worksheet 24


Thursday, Jan. 14

Correct homework

Exercise 9 & 12, p. 235

Homework: Adjective quiz review



Friday, Jan. 15

Adjective quiz

Online review


Monday, Jan. 4

Edit and add monster papers to websites

Add clipart


Tuesday, January 5

Begin Scope magazine

Read “The Mystery of the Stolen Jewel”


Wednesday, January 6

Read “Attack at Sea”

and “Let’s Bring Back the Joy”


Thursday, January 7

Finish and correct Scope


Friday, January 8

Adjectives Song

Correct WS 21

p. 226 & 228-230

Homework: Worksheet 24


Monday, Dec. 21

Journal Entry

Helping verbs practice

Test review

Tuesday, Dec. 22

Verbs Test


Monday, Dec. 14

Drama Unit Test


Tuesday, December 15

Review action verbs, p. 206, 207, &211

Action verbs practice

Homework: None


Wednesday, Dec. 16

Linking verbs, p. 212-217

In class practice

Homework: Worksheet 15


Thursday, Dec. 17

Helping Verbs Review

Finish page 221  

Friday, December 18

 Verbs wrap-up

Correct page 221

Worksheet 19

Quiz review



Present project

Assign groups for project

Use Character sheet to organize information
Create example as class

Work time for creating character
Type up 

Present Character or work time if need

Vocabulary Quiz
Review for Monday's Test



Introduce the play

Read Play

Read Play

Finish Play/Discuss Questions

Group discussion over Christmas Carol
If time start Group investigation

Group Investigation
Due Monday


Monday, November 23

Work on Powtoon

Tuesday, November 24

Share Powtoons

November 25-27

No School


Monday, November 16

-Vocabulary Quiz

-Compare and contrast movie and play

-Homework: Finish film review

Tuesday, November 17

-Go over quizzes and hand in homework

-How to write a script

-Write 1st page

Wednesday, November 18

-Check plot diagrams

-Write page 2

Thursday, November 19

Work time on project

Friday, November 20

Finish project


Monday, November 9

Acting exercise

Play vocabulary

Plot diagram

Begin The Monsters are Due on Maple Street

Tuesday, November 10

Continue The Monsters are Due on Maple Street

Fill out plot diagram

Wednesday, November 11

Finish The Monsters are Due on Maple Street

Plot diagram

Elements of a play

Thursday, November 12

Journal Entry


Friday, November 13

Watch The Twilight Zone

Fill out viewing guide

Extra credit opportunity: Watch the newer

version of The Monsters are Due on

Maple Street and write a comparison/

contrast. It must be at least 2 paragraphs.

(Due Wednesday)

Monday, November 16

Compare/contrast play and show

Homework: Page 10/Study for vocabulary quiz


Monday, November 2

Turn in papers

Journal Entry

Read “Attack of the Man-Eaters” and “Meet the Lion Whisperers”

Work on packet


Tuesday, November 3

Finish Scope  ("Is Boredom Really That Bad?")

Correct packet

Homework: The Lazy Editor


Wednesday, November 4

Write letters to veterans


Thursday, November 5

Correct homework (from Tuesday)

Draw monsters


Friday, November 6

No School: Collaboration Day


Monday, October 26


Practice descriptive writing through teacher examples.

Look at sample descriptive writing.

Write an introduction


Tuesday, October 27

DOL Quiz

Writing Time: Description

Begin a rough draft describing your drawing. This must be done so that someone else could draw your picture without seeing it. Click here for an organizer to help you get started.


Wednesday, October 28

Shortened Periods*

Play synopsis

Write conclusions


Thursday, October 29

Monster DOL

Peer editing: monsters

Homework: Monster papers are due Monday!

Have an adult proofread for you. 


Friday, October 30

Scope Magazine reading activities

Read "The Man Who Saved a Thousand Babies" and "Should Women Do This?"


Monday, October 19

No School


Tuesday, Oct. 20

Shortened Periods

Google Doc review activity


Wednesday, October 21

Review for tomorrow’s test. Click here to see what will be on the test.

Homework: Worksheet 2: Let's Be Proper



Thursday, October 22

Shortened Periods

Nouns test


Friday, October 23

Go over tests/correct worksheet 2

Homework: Draw monsters for descriptive papers


Monday, Oct. 12

Correct 196

Compound/Collective practice


Tuesday, Oct. 13

Pages 197-199

Class practice

Worksheet 29

Homework: Worksheet1


Wednesday, Oct. 14

Correct worksheet 1

Exercise 14, p. 200

Homework: Write a paragraph. 

Underline at least 10 nouns and circle 5 pronouns.


Thursday, Oct. 15

Collect paragraphs

Demonstrative and Interrogative Pronouns

Online Pronouns Review

Homework: Worksheet 10


Friday, Oct. 16

Correct worksheet 10

Pronoun/antecedent agreement

Online review

Homework: Worksheet 11


Monday, October 5

Vocabulary quiz

Book fair video

Homework: Worksheet 1 (Capitalization Practice)


Tuesday, October 6

Go over vocabulary quizzes

Create website


Wednesday, October 7

Common/proper nouns, p. 195

Nouns activity

Online review of nouns


Thursday, October 8

MAP Language Test


Friday, October 9

Exercise 6, 7, and 10, p. 196


Monday, Sept. 28

-Practice Essays

-Fill out study organizer

Click here to see the notes that will be on the test.

Review for test


Tuesday, Sept. 29

Play game/Review for test


Wednesday, Sept. 30

Unit 1 Test


Thursday, Oct. 1

Go over tests

Vocabulary review


Friday, Oct. 2

No School: Collaboration Day

Monday, Oct. 5

Vocabulary quiz

Start Websites 


Monday, Sept. 21

Tuesday, Sept. 22

MAP Reading tests


Wednesday, Sept. 23

Correct WS 91 & online activity

Hand in wanted posters

Read "Should Kids Do Extreme Sports?" 

Do vocabulary sheet and answer questions (Due Monday)

Thursday, Sept. 24

Outdoor Education Day


Friday, Sept. 25

No School


Monday, Sept. 14

Discuss Online

Homework: Worksheet 6 (Cross-curricular connection)

Tuesday, Sept. 15

Read “The Cat Who Thought She Was a Dog”

Homework: Vocab ½ sheet & questions


Wednesday, Sept. 16

Computer agreements

Correct homework

Discussion Groups

Homework: Story Map


Thursday, Sept. 17

Read "The Highwayman"



Friday, September 18

Interactive online activity

Continue work on posters

Homework: Worksheet 91 (Vocabulary Practice)/Wanted Poster--draw or print (in color) a picture of The Highwayman and describe him (due Wednesday)


Monday, Sept. 7

No School


Tuesday, Sept. 8

4 Areas of substantive conversation

Trial Fishbowl

Discuss Article


Wednesday, Sept. 9

Read "All Summer in a Day"

Homework: Worksheet 86


Thursday, Sept. 10

Correct worksheet 86


Discuss questions appointment style 


Friday, Sept. 11

Similes, Metaphors, & Personification 

Figurative language sheet

Read "A Day's Wait"


Monday, August 31

-Share Dr. Love Activities

-"Seventh Grade" Four-Square

-Discuss Point of View

Tuesday, Sept. 1

Collect About Me Papers

Read/Listen to "Oranges"

Homework: Turn the poem into a comic strip. It must be colored.

 Wednesday, Sept. 2

Discuss literary elements of "Oranges"

Compare/Contrast "Oranges" and "Seventh Grade"

Thursday, Sept. 3

Watch Sample Discussions

Discuss four areas of substantive conversation: critically thinking, contributing, connecting, & concluding

Create a Google Doc about your area

Friday, Sept. 4

Journal Entry

Read "Why Are Your Clothes so Cheap?"

Monday, August 24

Namecards/seating chart


Partner Matching

Homework: Get expectations sheet signed

Tuesday, August 25

Collect expectations

About You Sheet/Pictures

Journal Entry

Who Are You?

Notes--Unit 1

Wednesday, August 26

-Collect Expectations sheet

-Go to lab: -Review use of Google Docs

-Go over photo booth

-Type biographical info. (It's due Tuesday.)

Thursday, August 27

Continue work on biography. (It's due Tuesday.)

Pass out books

 Read "Seventh Grade", p. 114

Friday, August 28

Discuss "Seventh Grade"

Dr. Love Activity


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