Weekly Assignments

Monday, Sept. 26

-Practice Essays

Click here to see the notes that will be on the test.

Play game/Review for test


Tuesday, Sept. 27

Unit 1 Test


Wednesday, Sept. 28

Vocabulary review stations

Click here to study: Flashcards 

Thursday, Sept. 29

Vocabulary quiz

Go over tests

Read Their/There 

Homework: Practice There/Their


Friday, Sept. 30

Correct homework

Read "A Retrieved Reformation" 

Homework: Play questions


Monday, September 19

Correct homework

Discuss online

Story Map


Tuesday, September 20

Read “The Highwayman”

Homework: Wanted Poster—Due Thursday


Wednesday, September 21

Interactive online activity

Continue work on posters

Homework: Vocabulary practice and wanted poster


Thursday, September 22

Correct WS 91

Hand in wanted posters

Practice essays


Friday, September 23

Outdoor Ed. Day


Monday, September 12

“All Summer in a Day”

Homework: Worksheet 86


Tuesday, September 13

Correct 86

Take notes

Discuss questions appointment style


Wednesday, September 14

Similes, Metaphors, & Personification

Figurative Language Sheet


Thursday, September 15

MAP Language Test


Friday, September 16

Read “The Cat Who Thought She Was a Dog”

Homework: Questions and ½ sheet


Monday, September 5

No School: Labor Day


Tuesday, September 6

MAP Goals

Share comics

Discuss literary elements of “Oranges”

Compare/Contrast “Oranges” and “Seventh Grade”


Wednesday, September 7

Read “A Day's Wait”


Homework: Vocabulary practice/Journal Entry


Thursday, September 8

Friday, September 9

MAP: Reading tests


Monday, August 29

Pass out books

Journal Entry

Read “Seventh Grade”


Tuesday, August 30

Collect Biographies


Discuss questions

Dr. Love Activity


Wednesday, August 31

Finish/share Dr. Love activity

“Seventh Grade” Four Square


Thursday, September 1

Read/Listen to “Oranges”

Turn poem into a comic strip


Friday, September 2

No Class: Professional Development


Monday, August 22

Collaboration Day

Tuesday, August 23

Namecards/seating chart


Lunchroom Expectations 

Wednesday, August 24

Partner Matching

About You Sheet/Pictures

Homework: Get expectations sheet signed


Thursday, August 25

-Collect Expectations sheet

-Go to lab: -Review use of Google Docs

-Photo booth review

-Type biographical info. (It's due Tuesday.)


Friday, August 26

Continue work on biography. (It's due Tuesday.)

Who Are You? sheet

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