Weekly Assignments

Monday, February 20

No School


Tuesday, February 21

Begin Adverbs unit

Homework: Adverbs practice (front and back)

Wednesday, Feb. 22

Correct homework

Page 236-238

Homework: Adverbs sheet and sheet 33


Thursday, Feb. 23
Exercise 19, p. 239

Adjective or Adverb?, p. 239 & 240
Online Practice
Homework: Worksheet 36

Friday, Feb. 24
Correct worksheet 36
Adverbs that modify other adverbs, p. 238
Bottom of Worksheet 34
Exercise 23 and 24, p. 243


Monday, Feb. 13

Go over essays/fix errors

Correct vocabulary sheet

King Tut questions/discussion


Tuesday, Feb. 14

Read “The Amazing Powers of Jen Bricker”

Homework: Questions and summary

Wednesday, Feb. 15

Video introduction

Preview vocabulary/Correct work

Read “Is it Wrong to Sneak Food into the Theater?”

Fill out debate sheet

 Thursday, Feb. 16



Homework: Vocabulary Practice

Friday, Feb. 17

Choose a story to read “The Fire-Breather” or “The Good Deed”

Answer questions


Monday, Feb. 6

Adjectives review, p. 226 & 228-230

Period 1 Message Board

Period 2 Message Board

Period 3 Message Board

Period 4 Message Board

Homework: Adjectives sheet p. 21


Tuesday, Feb. 7

Pages 231-235

Homework: Adjective review sheets 23 & 25


Wednesday, Feb. 8

Do page 235

Homework: worksheet 24


Thursday, Feb. 9

Correct homework

Adjectives Quiz

Online Practice:

Grammar Review
Grammar Gorillas (Play the advanced game.)
Review: Parts of Speech
Grammar Ninjas (Take the skilled quiz.)


Friday, Feb. 10

Go over quizzes

Read "The Curse of King Tut"

Homework: Vocabulary worksheet


Monday, January 30

Go over quizzes

Writing Time/ Supporting Paragraphs


Tuesday, January 31

Peer editing/conference with me


Wednesday, Feb. 1

Edit for sentence variation and word choice

Papers are due tomorrow!

Thursday, Feb. 2

Turn in essays

Website update

Add papers/clipart/permissions


Friday, Feb 3

No School: Inservice


Monday, January 23


Final book club discussion

Essay practice (if time)

Homework: FYI 2

Tuesday, January 24

Correct FYI 2


Online review

Homework: Study for test


Wednesday, January 25

The Call of the Wild Test

Homework: study for vocabulary quiz/vocabulary review

Thursday, January 26

Go over tests

Correct vocabulary review

Vocabulary review

Begin writing/brainstorming essay

Homework: Study for vocabulary quiz


Friday, January 27

Vocabulary quiz

Writing time


Monday, January 16

No School


Tuesday, January 17

Reading quiz

Chapter 5 notes

Begin chapter 6


Wednesday, January 18

Finish chapter 6

Take notes

Start final chapter


Thursday, January 19

***Shortened periods****

Finish chapter 7


Friday, January 20

Meet with book club

Finish book


Work time—final book club


Monday, January 9

Literature circle discussions

Begin chapter 3

Tuesday, January 10

*shortened periods*

Reading quiz

Continue chapter 3

Wednesday, January 11

Finish chapter 3


Homework: FYI 1

Thursday, January 12

Correct FYI 1

Read chapter 4

Homework: Book club assignment

Friday, January 13


Meet with book club

Start chapter 5

Homework: Finish chapter 5


Wednesday, January 4

Pre-reading questions

Start the novel The Call of the Wild

We will be reading the novel in class together, but here are some resources if you miss a day: The Call of the Wild
Audio Version
  Full text version

Thursday, January 5

Finish Chapter 1

Take notes

Read chapter 2

Friday, January 6

Finish chapter 2

Take notes

Homework: Book club assignment


Monday, December 19

Go over vocabulary quizzes

Movie vs. Play

Draw monster pictures.


Tuesday, December 20

Review action verbs, p. 206, 207, & 211

Action verbs practice

Homework: None


Wednesday, December 21

Linking verbs, p. 212-217

In class practice

Homework: Worksheet 15


Thursday, December 22

Helping verbs review

Finish page 221



Friday, December 23

Winter break


Monday, December 12

Review for test

Tuesday, December 13

Drama Unit Test

Wednesday, December 14

Go over tests

Fix monster papers

Update websites (if time)

Thursday, December 15

Vocabulary Review

Drama Unit Vocabulary
Flashcards set 1
Flashcards set 2

Friday, December 16

Vocabulary quiz

Watch movie


Monday, December 5

Shortened Periods:

Vocabulary Activity

Tuesday, December  6

Start Act II

Wednesday, December 7

Finish Act II

Homework: Scrooge Sheet

Thursday, December 8

Wrap-up discussion and activities

Friday, December 9

Review for test


Monday, November 28

Finish Powtoon

Drama Unit Vocabulary
Flashcards set 1
Flashcards set 2

Tuesday, November 29

View Powtoons

Wednesday, November 30

Vocabulary activity

Assign parts


Thursday, December 1 

Begin A Christmas Carol

Friday, December 2

Act I questions

Continue A Christmas Carol


Monday, November 21

Finish Powtoon

Tuesday, November 22

Share Powtoons with class


Monday, November 14

Discuss Funny Boy


Tuesday, November 15

Write Scripts

Wednesday, November 16

Finish scripts/start animation

Thursday, November 17

Finish animation

Friday, November 18

Share animations


Monday, November 7

Watch The Monsters are Due on Maple Street 

Start packet

Homework: Finish the packet

Tuesday, November 8

Finish and discuss packet

Homework: Finish body biography (if not finished in class)

Wednesday, November 9

Vocabulary Spinner

Thursday, November 10

Start Funny Boy

Friday, November 11

Finish Funny Boy

Discuss play

Read to page 191


Monday, October 31

Journal Entry

DOL Quiz

Drama Notes 2

Finish Claudette Colvin discussion

Tuesday, November 1

*Introduction Activity

Begin Monsters are Due on Maple Street


Wednesday, November 2

Finish Monsters are Due Maple Street

Plot diagram

Thursday, November 3

Discuss questions: appointments

Homework: Finish questions if you didn't finish in class


Friday, November 4

No School: Collaboration

Monday, November 7

Watch The Monsters are Due on Maple Street 


Monday, October 24

Peer editing

Papers are due on Wednesday!


Tuesday, October 25

Take drama unit notes

Time Machine Video

Vocabulary overview


Wednesday, October 26

Read This is What Courage Looks Like

Turn in monster papers


Thursday, October 27

Answer This is What Courage Looks Like questions

Discuss literary elements


Friday, October 28

Journal Entry/DOL

Pick a source to dig deeper into This is What Courage Looks Like

1- Video Interview with Claudette

2- Primary Document: Rules for Riding Desegregated Buses

3- Browder vs. Gayle Case

4- Video: Montgomery Bus Boycott

Extra reading: http://www.biography.com/news/black-history-unsung-heroes-claudette-colvin


Monday, October 17

No School: Inservice


Tuesday, October 18


Go over tests

Draw and color picture for writing assignment


Wednesday, October 19

**Shortened periods: ITBS**

Practice descriptive writing through teacher examples.

Look at samples of descriptive writing.

Write an introduction



Thursday, October 20

**Shortened periods: ITBS**

Writing time: description

Begin a rough draft describing your drawing.  This must be done so that someone else could draw your picture without seeing it. 

Click here for an organizer to help you get started.


Friday, October 21

Writing time/Peer editing


Monday, October 10

Correct, p. 196

pages 197-199--Pronouns & Antecedents

Homework: Worksheet 29

Tuesday, October 11

Correct worksheet 29

Exercise 14, p. 200

Homework: Write a paragraph. Underline at least 10 nouns and circle 5 pronouns.


Wednesday, October 12

Collect paragraphs

Demonstrative/Interrogative Pronouns

Online Pronouns Review:

All Grammar Review

Homework: None


Thursday, October 13

Review for tomorrow’s test

Homework: Worksheet 10 & 11



Friday, October 14

Nouns/Pronouns test

Draw Monsters


Monday, October 3

Book fair & Scope videos

Read “The Flaming Sky”


Tuesday, October 4

Finish/correct Scope

Start websites


Wednesday, October 5

Finish websites

Online review:

Grammar Blast-Nouns
Grammar Gorillas
Clean Up Your Grammar
Noun Dunk
Grammar Ninja


Thursday, October 6

Common/proper nouns, p. 195

Nouns activity

Exercise 6, 7, and 10 p. 196


Friday, October 7

No School: Collaboration Day


Monday, Sept. 26

-Practice Essays

Click here to see the notes that will be on the test.

Play game/Review for test


Tuesday, Sept. 27

Unit 1 Test


Wednesday, Sept. 28

Vocabulary review stations

Click here to study: Flashcards 

Study chart:

Period 1

Period 2

Period 3

Period 4

Thursday, Sept. 29

Vocabulary quiz

Go over tests

Read Their/There 

Homework: Practice There/Their


Friday, Sept. 30

Correct homework

Read "A Retrieved Reformation" 

Homework: Play questions


Monday, September 19

Correct homework

Discuss online

Story Map


Tuesday, September 20

Read “The Highwayman”

Homework: Wanted Poster—Due Thursday


Wednesday, September 21

Interactive online activity

Continue work on posters

Homework: Vocabulary practice and wanted poster


Thursday, September 22

Correct WS 91

Hand in wanted posters

Practice essays


Friday, September 23

Outdoor Ed. Day


Monday, September 12

“All Summer in a Day”

Homework: Worksheet 86


Tuesday, September 13

Correct 86

Take notes

Discuss questions appointment style


Wednesday, September 14

Similes, Metaphors, & Personification

Figurative Language Sheet


Thursday, September 15

MAP Language Test


Friday, September 16

Read “The Cat Who Thought She Was a Dog”

Homework: Questions and ½ sheet


Monday, September 5

No School: Labor Day


Tuesday, September 6

MAP Goals

Share comics

Discuss literary elements of “Oranges”

Compare/Contrast “Oranges” and “Seventh Grade”


Wednesday, September 7

Read “A Day's Wait”


Homework: Vocabulary practice/Journal Entry


Thursday, September 8

Friday, September 9

MAP: Reading tests


Monday, August 29

Pass out books

Journal Entry

Read “Seventh Grade”


Tuesday, August 30

Collect Biographies


Discuss questions

Dr. Love Activity


Wednesday, August 31

Finish/share Dr. Love activity

“Seventh Grade” Four Square


Thursday, September 1

Read/Listen to “Oranges”

Turn poem into a comic strip


Friday, September 2

No Class: Professional Development


Monday, August 22

Collaboration Day

Tuesday, August 23

Namecards/seating chart


Lunchroom Expectations 

Wednesday, August 24

Partner Matching

About You Sheet/Pictures

Homework: Get expectations sheet signed


Thursday, August 25

-Collect Expectations sheet

-Go to lab: -Review use of Google Docs

-Photo booth review

-Type biographical info. (It's due Tuesday.)


Friday, August 26

Continue work on biography. (It's due Tuesday.)

Who Are You? sheet

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