Weekly Assignments

Monday, August 31

-Share Dr. Love Activities

-"Seventh Grade" Four-Square

-Discuss Point of View

Tuesday, Sept. 1

Collect About Me Papers

Read/Listen to "Oranges"

Homework: Turn the poem into a comic strip. It must be colored.

 Wednesday, Sept. 2

Discuss literary elements of "Oranges"

Compare/Contrast "Oranges" and "Seventh Grade"

Thursday, Sept. 3

Watch Sample Discussions

Discuss four areas of substantive conversation: critically thinking, contributing, connecting, & concluding

Create a Google Doc about your area

Friday, Sept. 4

Journal Entry

Read "Why Are Your Clothes so Cheap?"

Monday, August 24

Namecards/seating chart


Partner Matching

Homework: Get expectations sheet signed

Tuesday, August 25

Collect expectations

About You Sheet/Pictures

Journal Entry

Who Are You?

Notes--Unit 1

Wednesday, August 26

-Collect Expectations sheet

-Go to lab: -Review use of Google Docs

-Go over photo booth

-Type biographical info. (It's due Tuesday.)

Thursday, August 27

Continue work on biography. (It's due Tuesday.)

Pass out books

 Read "Seventh Grade", p. 114

Friday, August 28

Discuss "Seventh Grade"

Dr. Love Activity


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