Retreat 2018 Challenges

MMQG Retreat 2018 Challenges 
  • Your ONE entry will be turned in at Retreat, and we will vote one winner from each category. 
  • One cash prize will be awarded for each category. 
  • You may enter in only ONE category. 
Hobby Horse Challenge: 

Make a Hobby Horse (stick horse).  The size, shape, style, and type of material used are up to you.  And don’t forget to give your horse a name! 
Ranch Brand Challenge:

Name your ranch, and create a brand for it.  Use the design on a small item – a coaster, a mug rug, a quilt block, etc.  Hint:  Google “How to Name Your Ranch” if you need help. 
Quilted Vest Challenge: 

Make a quilted vest.  Be creative! 


For a printable copy of the above information, click HERE.