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EDU321- Math, Science and Technology

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What I  Learned in EDUC 321
Math, Science and Technology

When I first heard that educ 321 would be an online course, my heart started racing. When I first met with Professor Stein and he told me that one of the end products of this course is to create an e-portfolio  that highlights my strengths and abilities as a future teacher the first emotion that I felt was fear and I thought to myself, "how is someone who is terrified of technology going to accomplish this?."  However, thanks to professor Stein, here I am adding text to my  website and surprisingly intrigued by it at the same time .

At this point in the semester, I have learned the following: how to attatch a document to blackboard; send comments via blackboard; create a new page on my e-portfolio;  add text to my e-portfolio;  publish my text; duplicate a web page; change the look of my e-portfolio;  create tabs; and  add web links to my e-portfolio. 

My next challenge is to create a science video in which I teach elements of matter by conducting a magic trick in which I make water disappear. I will then upload the video to teacher tube so all can view it on my e-portfolio by clicking on the tab that reads "My Video."     

Additionally I have learned the following:  how to convert a file to AVI;  how to upload videos on teacher tube; how to link word documents to my e-portfolio; how to insert images to my e-portfolio; how to link to web pages; and I have worked with excel.  See the graph I created by clicking HERE
I have completed 10 hours of observation.